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Turkey is meant to be used as a NATO missile shield to counter Iran, Syria and Russia. I think Patriot missiles' first objective would be protecting Israel from Iran's massive missile attacks. But we all know those Patriot missiles cannot achieve any of those goals. Iran and Russia are already arming Syria with advanced SRBMs.

Russia, Iran, China and Syria must work a missile shield network to counter such moves by the US to have the upper hand in the upcoming event of the third global conflict.

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Obama only wanted to take the credits for it to get more support from the Jewish lobbies. He's gonna need it for the upcoming elections. Because it makes no difference anyway, Iran knows everything. Always.

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I feel you, Pepe.

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New activities in the Parchin site lol... like they could ever wash off radioactive... maybe they're just doing laundry. lol

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It's really simple, allow Israelis to attack Iran, but tell them they will be on their own and then all of the problems in world will be solved. :)

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lol, now isn't that just sad? having Americans to use their Hiroshima tactics to confront a an idea like Islam? but let's not get all emotional. It's really sad to see how Americans are aiming their guns at the wrong guys. How exactly do bunch of mosques pose a security threat to the US?
Israel's new ballistic missile Jericho III is an ICBM capable of carrying nuclear warheads which allows Israel to even deliver a nuke to the US. Now why on earth would Israelis develop ICBMs when Iran and even Russia were already in range of their missiles?
Americans don't see that as a threat, but bunch of civilians happen to pose a security threat and suggested to be confronted with nukes... nice.

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"But sadly the aggressive actions from London during the last few days have only served to push the people closer to the Iranian government."

How is the fact Iranian people are close to their government sad? she is obviously anti Iran, and then she complains "oh why are they anti Britain? why are they anti Britain? :(" Do people look in the mirror anymore?

"Yes, we heard a great deal from the large, but still in the minority, english-speaking elite complaining their votes were stolen. What they were really saying privately was that the peasant and working classes who supported Ahmedinejad in their millions, should not have been allowed to vote. "

Propaganda alert.

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Iran didn't accuse anyone of bombing the military base. Guardian is indeed a joke. In what world did Iran's nuclear program experience setbacks? Stuxnet failed to do anything to Iran's Busher plant, and as for the other enriching uranium facilities who have been damaged during the cyber attack, they started working again after 2 weeks and now they're operating faster than ever now that the next generation of centrifuges are installed, and Iran's enriching 20 percent uranium faster than ever. Iran's bushehr plant is producing electricity now and deaths of 2 nuclear scientist do not damage Iran's nuclear program.

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Umm, sorry but I'm not paying much attention to you just to be clear, lol you can come on facebook too and join the insanity I run here everyday lol which includes giving people lots of attention, more than they deserve in some cases if i may say, but I like to think you deserved all of it, which all was fun.
"trying to meet a girl, marry & raise a family?" lol oh wish life was simple like that, maybe i could make it simple and just get out there and really make it simple, BUT as I like my life to be right now, it's going fantastic being single, already the drama sometimes I can't handle with my friends makes me sick, let alone sharing my whole life with someone else, oh well, I think I am doing great, thank for your concern anyway. bonjour
PS: Why London? What a choice! ha!

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what is destined to be is destined to be, nice one, so why not sing it? I know for sure that if I just grab my guitar, I will just sing it
what is destined to be is destined to be
what I have learned from this life was gifted to me
What I had been gifted was taken away from me
now that destiny fights me back, I will let it all to be
I will let it to be and I know for sure now that it fights me back
I do exist and history is to remember me for the rules I have broke
than for the rules I have followed, so I will let it to be.
So maybe the end will was meant to be,
so far away from how people imagined it to be,
so far away from when people suspected it be,
unlike how how people wanted it to be,
but exactly like how people who wrote it,
it was meant to be.
what is destined to be is destined to be.