Lost Weeknight

Lost Weeknight


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Great Piece, Piece!. Although I hadn't known the exact start date, I'd been quite comfortable in my fantasy assumption that it was coming up right after Breaking Bad in September, and now I'm pOsitively CRestfallen. I needed it for my withdRAwal from BB. I don't know HOW I'm going to cope. They put out 12 measly shows, that's it, how hard can it be to do that once a year? At the same time every year? (Even that's too little). They're not getting any younger, you know, none of us are. I do love the faux opening credits, and Vincent Kartheiser's catheterized name was the first thing that jumped out & ruined my buzz; I had to watch it twice just to make sure I was't seeing things. Fix it, Paul Rogers! I can't imagine how he must be kicking himself for not letting an actual MadMen fan proof read the video before he sent it out live. Oh, well. 8 months and counting.

I'm thinking of a game where everyone picks their favorite MM Character, gives them a Twitter account, and then we do some improv, just to get in the spirit. We might even get a rough episode out of it. "WHAT?" you say.... and take it from there.

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Beautifully written my dear, I'm so glad it had a happy ending. Maybe it's the sheer numbers of pictures coming out of Japan but I've never felt so traumatized by the ocean, actually having nightmares about drowning. In the meantime, if you don't mind, I'm putting you down as my emergency contact from now on..

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I know, it's a good time to go answer all those dreaded emails you've been putting off...;)


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Hey Duke! (or Duchess?) That's some dynamite name!! Thanks for the reply and boss comments, you don't know how much I needed someone to actually answer me. I was pretty sure the whole point of #crasstalk was for people (perhaps of the crass variety) to "talk" to one another, maybe even get to know some new folks, but since I arrived I feel like I've been talking out of my ass with my fly open and neglected to bring a hostess gift. I've left 20 comments now, most direct replies, and you are my first response from a stranger who was actually pleasant and conversational and who wrote more than a word (actually you are my 3rd,but the other 2 were under unspoken contractual obligation as "friends" to respond;). So I was beginning to smell my underarms...if I want to be ignored I can talk to my family, or go to #Cricketstalk or #Youarenotworthyofmytime.com. Personally, I can't fathom not responding to someone who addresses me directly, but that's just me. I'm not someone who thinks other people's comments are beneath me...or above me. (Only to the left or right really.) I don't judge people by how many followers they have before I follow them. If someone follows me, I'm flattered and don't hesitate to follow them too. I also know no one bats a thousand, or is as brilliant as they think they are...all the time. I know people are busy, but come on, 17 snubs? Broken clocks have better odds.

Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. And you were the lucky bastad who struck up a convo during my crisis of conscientiousness. This thread will probably be closed by now so you (or anyone) won't even have to see it.

Now I'm more depressed that you've told me Madonna is directing the Simpson biopic, I really like Madonna, but anytime she gets near a film it's a disaster. She probably shouldn't even see them.

Anyway, I really appreciate the comment, and your perspective on actors. You are right about Bale,what happened tothat adorable little kid from Empire of the Sun? Did Patrick Bateman make a protein shake out of him? I guess you would have to be a little deranged in real life in order to be THAT good at it on screen. He definitely falls into my "like the acting/not the actor" category.

I really hope we are right about Annette, she Bening-nored too many times too. (ugh, Really? and I wonder why I am? ). I literally just finished watching American Beauty for the first time since seeing it 3 times (in 2 days) at the theater 12 years ago. Long enough to have forgotten details like how it ends. It changed my whole attitude about life, just as it did then. Only now I'm the character having the mid-life crisis. I think that's why I was saving it, I knew I would see it differently this time. All I can say about Annette Bening's performance is, I started watching the movie wearing socks, and now I have no idea where they are. When she closes the blinds and starts crying and slapping herself and calling herself a stupid bitch for not selling the house, a part of me dies. Thank god Hillary Swank isn't nominated this year is all I can say.

I hope we speak again...I'm really not always this verbose...I'll be over by the bar...;) <3

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Hey Piece!! Great to see you!! I don't have the definitive answer to your question, but I "L0<E" that your sister is now getting married too, welcome to my nightmare. FWIW, I think the placeholders are a fab idea (I'd venture to guess more people have viewed it in NY, even if the original is in Philly, either way it's a NY landmark). It's so ubiquitous anyway, people will definitely get it and love it. I remember when I first saw the sculpture in my Art History text book and thinking, how cute, somebody made a sculpture out of the cover of "Love Story." But Rule # 1 from someone just having lived through this: when it comes to weddings, the cheesier the better because it's the one occasion people must have their cheese, especially the parents! Weddings by their very nature are cheesy and any attempt to avoid cheesiness can, in itself, be cheesy. It's a hard balancing act, too many cooks can alter the consistency of the fondue, but in the end it's all cheese. So when in doubt, run important decisions only by the bride (she has too much on her mind) and your fine...a modest bride may be inclined to veto things that are in her best interest, in which case, that's what we're here for. (In fact, I may have learned this from you when designing the playlists;) If she's given you free reign, you really can't go wrong; just about everything that could go wrong at my sister's wedding did, and still she would tell you it was the MOST perfect day of her life.

Congrats to your sister, and best of luck with the planning, I look forward to hearing how it all goes. <3

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Not hard to do. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets was better than Crash. Come to think of it, that time I left my camera on and filmed 2 hours of carpeting was better than Crash. At least the carpet had texture and acted the way carpeting really acts.

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I LOVED it! I'm furious that they cut out 43 minutes from the BBC version...having looked on imdb, I was prepared for 7 episodes. I didn't realize they were editing down to 4 for PBS. I'm planning on buying the DVD set just so I can see what they cut out. I was thinking while I was watching it that if felt a bit choppy, but otherwise, I can't wait for next season. I saw KIng's Speech and the 1st Downton Abby back-to-back, it was an excellent double feature.

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I do agree!...not a weak link in The King's Speech, Colin was Firth-rate (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist, I'm already going to hell), I too have a cousin with a speech impediment that worsens in big groups and he was boosted by Firth's portrayal and made it even more real for me. CF deserved to win last year too, so I hope he gets the recognition this year. Eve Best played Wallis, and even having just seen Gillian Anderson play her on Masterpiece Theater, Eve still Bests her (there I go again, I can't help myself, I'm a sick man) She seriously steals the show in Nurse Jackie, and was nominated for back-to-back Tonys in '07 & '08. She should have won for The Homecoming, she's bril-liant!.

My problem with Sorkin is exactly that. The man knows how to write a script, he just doesn't know how to write dialogue. The Social Network was a perfectly formed script when you consider how much intensity he infused into your otherwise run-of-the-mill bitter-douchebag-steals-idea-and-sits-down-to-write-code-to-get-back-at-everyone-who-ever-slighted-him bio-pic. Eduardo was the only character I liked, and Rashida Jones's, and he nailed Larry Summers, (whether it was accurate I know not, but I like to think so), but other than that, the Cultural Happening was the central character, and Sorkin makes it feel like something is always happening, in real time, and that what is happening is way more interesting than it really is, but I have never met anyone who talks the way his characters do.

Ryan Gosling may have been snubbed, but the guy is going to have no shortage of Oscars in his future, he's incapable of giving a bad performance. Same goes for Jeremy Renner, his time will come..It may not be this year...Rush and Bale are going to have to arm-wrestle for it.

I really hope it's Anette Bening's night, she was sublime in TKAAR, and she has lost with some awesome performances: American Beauty, Being Julia, it's her turn, dammit!

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I was seated next to her at my good friend's birthday dinner party. (He was the best man at their wedding). Knowing the placement in advance, (and the likelihood of being on the receiving end of that recording), I came prepared with a battery of conversation starters. She didn't--let me put it that way--but shy as she is, she was thoroughly candid, insightful, good-humored, and ate like a sparrow. When cake and toasts were through, she asked me to escort her to the door where her driver was waiting. I might as well have had Queen Elizabeth on my arm in a mini top-hat. She kissed my cheek, thanked me, said, "until next time..." and into the night she went.

(Come to think of it she might have had a bit of a cough.)

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Did they make your Droids wait outside too?