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This site is dead since early spring. :)
No one is reporting non-payments, but I don't think anyone is using it anyway since long ago. People just gave up. :)

Last proof I see is from the end of March or something like that.

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Although I always hated these candy-currencies, too, I don't believe this coin system had anything to do with making the conversion/life on the site/cashout harder (I mean, they couldn't use cash for offer walls anyway). I think it's the opposite.
They wanted to introduce these levels and actually make members earn more and I guess it was the most convenient to not operate with cash in such "game" system.

Also have in mind that you get very nice bonuses the higher level you are. And you don't have to upgrade or such. Everything based on the activity, logins, posting and referral earnings. Practically like free upgrades and higher earnings the more active you are.
Just an example - I almost don't use the site and I got it quickly to fifth level, just with occasional logins and one active referral. And I have (I think) 4% earnings increase now. As their FAQs page says, for example - level 25 - 15% more in earnings.

Then again, with higher level you're unlocking new features... I really find the system awesome and generous.

Just my few cents. :)

As for paying, CS and Neo beat everyone with their rates, it's true, but I wouldn't find other sites bad because of this.

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Awesome idea, admins! :D
Never thought before in this scamming/ponzi ptc world. :)

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Kris, please - no. This type of situation is really awkward for me.
It's just that I often have a brain blackout when someone (no matter if it's cheating member or scamming owner) is trying to make me/other people fool, and I can't stop fingers from typing. :)

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Don't make a fool of yourself.
Not only that you don't mention how the "other", cheating Eldin, promotes your reflink, but it took me one second to find your multiclicker-promoting blog, with your name and surname and all Blogger profile data completely the same as your Facebook profile you use to log in here - all the blogs you have, links, place of living, everything...
You use hundreds of ptc sites (luckily for ptc owners, most with the same username mentioned) and, based on screenshots of your multiclicker, you are doing it on all of them.:)

So, if you want to continue with cheating, better to not draw so much attention, lol.:)

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Oh, the drama. At first I thought he was the Vilvin scammer, but their language style is different.

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instaGC administration's delusion... Level: epic!

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I am ignoring, Chris. I rather read a book.:)
This is just me grumbling from time to time, because it seems my logic of normal behaviour is an exception. When your ptc life turns into endless scrolling over the immense rubbish and the "lowest" possible specimens of life on the planet, you are still wasting your time, even if you don't read. :)

Yes, avoiding this site, too. Not one of those - grab it while it's hot.

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Just a smallish update - most users must have their Payza verified now.
"All Payza Payout Requests Must Be
Verified Accounts, unless I Know You.
Or you recruit people.
Just clicking and Requesting Payout
to an Un-Verified Account will
No Longer Happen."

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To be sincere, I don't even think there was any real hype/big attention around this site.

I see it this way - the owner spent some money and put the ad on several sites. And then, please, ladies and gents, quick shift to EMS, where some midget has nothing to do with his/her life, and find these few ads as some big thing. Then he starts the topic, and then you have a chain reaction of posts and topics... tons of complete garbage talk within few minutes, with mentioning JJ, giggling, cackling, +1ing, 5000 rows of "deep"-thinking (in reality spitting the same paraphrased article) by douches like darkstar... and so on.:)

And then it really becomes a big thing.

Always the same... Today I saw MyFreeShares ads on all possible sites I watched ads on. I'm 100% sure the ads are from the same person, but it looks so big, as if tons of people are advertising it. Although, it would be normal for MyFreeShares, because they relaunched. Just giving an example.