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They are perfoming a 5 minutes performance upgrade since more than 24 hours. :S

"CantBeatFree.net is down for its monthly performance upgrade. Please check back in 5 minutes."

Hope to see them back soon.

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Mr. Ryan Pennington, ever thought about why the admins from famous sites like Ad.fly and many other huge and well established sites never post on other blogs or forums long novels and discussions?
I can tell you: They take their valuable time to do a perfect job and to care about their site.

I suggest you to do the same.
I never used your site and since I must read this discussion here I am also not interested to use or to promote it.
This is not based on the PTCI review. This is only based on you and how you appeal to me.

This alone should give you cause for a serious concern. Think about.

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Forget it. I read "cashnhits" and not "cash2hits" :$

btw: These 2 comments are not shown on this page: http://www.ptc-investigation.com/cash2hits.aspx

BUt on this page: http://www.ptc-investigation.com/cash2hits.aspx?u...

This is the link from your email newsletter

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Hello, I saw the site being moved to the watchlist but the badge on my listing did not update.
Any ideas? http://www.ptcsociety.com/ptc-sites/tasks-offers/...
Its still legit o.0

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No, had nothing to do with geo-loaction. AdHitz had problems. On all sites. I saw it. :)
After a few hours everything got fixed. That's why I said "yesterday ... ~15-20 hours ago" and not "today or still" ;)

This was probably the email I got as well, do not remember.
However, I have actually up to 8 zones on some of my subpages.
Still unclear to me.

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Yesterday AdHitz had display problems. I also wondered why I had no adhitz on my site, then I checked here PTCI and saw that the banners here were also not shown up.
This has been ~ 15-20 hours ago.
Maybe a temporary glitch with AdHitz.

It doesn't matter how many visitors you have. AdHitz shows always network ads.
The only restriction I'm informed is that you need daily 100 unique hits to get your sales page activated.
Means: You cannot sell adverts if you have less than 100 unique visitors daily.

btw: About the limit I am not sure anymore. I can show 8 AdHitz zones on one page although I heard that 5 is the maximum.
As far as I know the general max is 4 but if you have more unique visitors than the average you will get an email that you can add 1-2 more zones.
I got such an email some months ago.

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Interesting. Now its clear to me why the site is named "Komoona"
Komoona means in hebrew language "Community" :)

If he has language problems tell him to write in hebrew and I will try to translate (with a help from my friend^^)


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Lol, We're a bit too old to use slang, aren't we? ;) ...anyway, thanks for the link.

Who were you talking to?
Until now I only got Ben in my mailbox. Not sure if this is a 1-man show.
And his english is good. His emails never sounded like a translation.

To buy your site? Lol! Why should he advertise on your site? This all makes no sense to me.
Strange and totally the opposite I experienced the last 5 months with them since I contacted them the 1st time.

Ok, lets see.
Since they've no referral/affiliate program I will not request it :p

Will jump into the threads once I have something to share.

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What does this mean? Sorry, my english. He keeps "bugging" you? o.0

Well, I told them about the PTC scene and that many people might be interested to use their service.
That's why I helped them a lot to improve their features. They're really nice and give their best to assist you with everything.
Sometimes their support is a bit lazy but I got always replies and everything got fixed where I had problems.

I believe you saw it on my site. Earns me 30 times more than AdHitz because of eCPM ;)

I suggest to read my thread I created especially to explain this great service.

This should help you to review it.
I will cashout next month my 1st and will share it with you.


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Try http://www.Komoona.com