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I have become addicted to DEPENDENT on the Adblock Plus Add-on for Firefox. Whenever I switch it off I'm usually shocked at how ad filled and slow the internet actually is. Up until a couple of minutes ago I never even knew had ads!

I suppose I'm not helping the situation much...

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WORSHIP: n Idolatry of lovers; obsequious or submissive respect (1828 Webster)

The song in question is both idolizing and submissive, the Muffin Man is not.

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Libertarian, It's more than JUST a song; singing someone's praise, under any circumstance, is a serious method of worship. I'm sure that urging students to worship their politicians is acceptable in communist countries, but this is not a communist country (at least not yet).

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If this bill doesn't pass, Obama will be neutered in 2010
if it passes without bipartisan reform, Obama will be neutered in 2010... Big Time!

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Ah, yes, there is free will, But is there not also temptation from the evil one to perform such hateful acts against God and His followers?

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I've switched churches before for theological reasons and I can tell you that while most churches are good and teach straight from the Bible, there are a few churches that teach nothing but horse****. If a church tells you you will burn in hell for not paying your offering, leave it immediately, do not give that church any money. Nowhere in the Bible does it say this, nor is it a true Christian belief.
While it is a kind act to pay your offering, it is not a prerequisite for anything.

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the simple truth:

For Obama to draw such a harsh accusation without fully understanding what went on was both an act of racism and was insulting to the police officers.

Unfortunately, Obama has taken the blue pill and doesn't realize this.

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set-tled (SET-ld), v. 1 the state of an issue when it no longer under the control of the other side 2 the state of a resolution or argument when it is no longer watered down by an agreement

- - The Democratsters Dictionary

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Whoever pays for your medical care is going to decide which procedures and tests you do or do not get be it the insurance company or the government. I'd rather those decisions be made by someone I pay than by my local politicians.

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I, for one, am proud of our private sector. It can easily outperform our public sector in performance, quality, and morality. It would be a crying shame if our private sector was ever to be replaced by our public sector.