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Are you even listening to yourself - you call someone mentally unstable and then backpeddle and say that your point was that that media is biased.

And if everyone's objections on this thread is the bias of the media, why is the article specifically talking about Marianne and not the way that the media is using her? The article concludes by saying: "Now, as Gingrich is getting close to winning the South Carolina primary, Marianne Gingrich again reaches for the microphone and the limelight once more." The media is hardly at the apex of discussion.



"You asked. I answered. .... I don't have to "state my case". It's a fact they are biased. Hone your logic skills."

Who is being condescending again?

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Fantastic. Everyone is indeed sick of the media and their double standard.

However, calling Marianne "mentally unstable" isn't exactly what I call an effective way to argue that the media is exercising their bias in a convenient time to hurt Gingrich - especially when one considers that Gingrich is the least of the Democrats' fears:

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You cannot honestly believe that.

While they were married, Newt himself told the rest of his Republican establishment comrades that Marianne was someone who could "get things done" and assigned her to do carry out certain tasks. So much for "mentally unstable."

What I find "mentally unstable" are those who bend over backwards, groping in the dark for the left-field rationales circling around their heads like Tweety Bird satellites to defend the defenseless disgraced ex-Speaker Newt Gingrich.

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There are hundreds - thousands - of good people with a lot of love to give that would do *anything* to raise a child and give the love that they have to give. To say that someone has the right to end a life just because that life was wrongly placed inside her womb is so completely off the mark. That life has rights too - and if a woman feels that having a child due to rape or incest would be impossible because she would be reminded of the horrible act or whatever for the rest of their life, there is always the option to give up that child to adoption and giving one of those people dying for a child the opportunity to give the unwanted life love and the life they are entitled to.

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At a certain latter point in the Iran Revolution, the Shah was exiled in the United States and was undergoing health treatments (something that the US Embassy in Iran advised against). The Iranians demanded that the Shah be returned so that they could put him on trial with a probable execution. The US refused - Carter even made a televised toast to the Shah:

The US's position on the Shah set the Iranians (particularly the youths) into a frenzy, remembering that it was the US & UK governments that installed the Shah in 1953 and it was now the US that was keeping him alive and out of their justice system. This created full blowback; these youths stormed the US Embassy and took US hostages. The Carter Administration did support the Shah by protecting him and even toasting him publically on TV, the frequent quotes by Hannity & co. that Carter did not support the Shah are false - and it played directly into the Islamists hands. Khomeini said:

"This action has many benefits. ... This has united our people. Our opponents do not dare act against us."

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Of course, when all is said and done, Newt's sexual peccadilloes mean little - what should trouble all who consider themselves conservative about Newt Gingrich is the fact that he:

- Supports the idea of individual healthcare mandate
- Supported the Medicare prescription drug benefit program
- Supported the TARP bailouts
- Opposes Paul Ryan's budget plan
- Made money off of the housing bubble
- Supports Federal programs to give teachers (& their Unions) more taxpayer money
- Supports Federal intervention to give everyone internet access (using, yep, you guessed it: taxpayer money)
- Supports rewarding students for taking math and science courses
- Supports indefinite detention of US citizens without trial
- Has joined with John Kerry & Nancy Pelosi on "climate change"
- Says FDR (who he credits as lifting the US out of the Great Depression) should be on Mount Rushmore

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Except that Newt denied Marianne's story. If she's reaching for the limelight, there are better, truthful things she could say. If the story is false, I see no reason why she would lie on national TV like that. She defended Newt on a number of other issues and only dropped the fact that she knows but will not at that time disclose the skeletons she is aware of - so why would she lie about the one thing that she did disclose to ABC?

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Actually, Carter didn't "appease," in the sense that you mean - he executed a failed military operation that embarrassed the US and prolonged the hostage crises. Hopefully we don't make the same mistake.

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You have to at least admire the Left in the way they smear the entire half of the country that disagrees with them - it's evil, dubious but brilliant to blame others for using "code words"; words that in no way mean what the Left wants them to but that successfully twists words and smears an individual.

This idea that one would use racial code words in a society that abhors racism to get elected is, on its face, asinine - and the idea that only those on the Left know what they are would be absolutely hilarious if it wasn't so dishonest.

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Reagan spoke to the "irrationality of Islamic politics" during his administration - and we still haven't listened. As we build bridges and schools for these people, they continue to try and blow us up. The biggest mistake we made in Afghanistan was allowing the larger state of "Afghanistan" to exist as it did before with Kabul trying to micromanage a tribal nation. We should have introduced the Jeffersonian idea of which our nation was founded on: limited government, sovereign states. Afghanistan should never have been allowed to be recreated in the image of American Liberals: one giant state dictating to everyone. We should have allowed the individual tribal areas decide for themselves how to govern; we should have broken up Afghanistan.

And I know this is Obama's war of choice but it's time to leave Afghanistan.