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Linda Suhler, Ph.D. ‏@LindaSuhler 8h8 hours ago

NYT Bombshell: Fox Colluded w/#Rubio to Give #Amnesty to #IllegalAliens


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Romney back in race if gang of ocho scumbag rubio fails? With chillary stealing SC by hook or crook (mostly crook dem tricks) and the GOP establishment not wanting trump near the white house could he be put forth as the nominee at a brokered convention? I held my nose in 2008 and 2010, I'm sick of it.

chillary must be taken out via her criminal activity and put behind bars. I think bernie would be much easier to beat.

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This is the kind of animals that barry and kerry want to bring to our shores if they haven't already done so. Matter of time before we start seeing the very same thing happening here.

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Well that gopherhawk trap was worth the $$. Put it out near one of the gopher mounds and low and behold got it. Trouble is it was still alive so I had to dispatch it (won't say what I was thinking as I did it...lol) At least that's one that won't be digging up my back yard anymore!!!

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Feds Seek “Mental Health” Testing of All Children, Adults

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Next time you visit your doctor, be careful how you respond to his questions, or you may just be branded “mentally ill” and subjected to “treatment.” That is because a panel advising the Obama administration, in partnership with Big Psychiatry, wants to make doctors subject all American adults and children over age 12 to screening for alleged “mental health” disorders — particularly depression, at least to start with. Then, anyone found to harbor any alleged mental disorder, including children as young as eight, should undergo “therapy,” often including powerful psychotropic medications that experts say have dubious value but often come with well-documented and highly dangerous side effects.

Your ObamaCare plan will be forced to pay for it, whether you want it or not, thanks to the federal government's commandeering of the health-insurance industry under the so-called Affordable Care Act. And eventually, younger and younger children will be in Big Brother's crosshairs for mental and behavioral health “services,” whether parents want it or not. School teachers, social workers, and more are all already being enlisted in the federal government's search for supposed “mental and behavioral health” issues — a list that is perpetually expanding as psychiatrists invent new “illnesses.” The outcry against the federal government's obsession with your mind and the minds of America's children, though, is growing louder, as critics call the agenda “depressing” and worry whether it is another scheme to disarm more Americans.

The controversial “recommendations” include screening all Americans between the ages of 12 and 18 for depression. A separate but related recommendation seeks to have all U.S. adults checked for “mental illness,” too. And consider that the list of “illnesses” is subjective (homosexuality was a mental disorder a few decades ago) and is constantly expanding as psychiatrists vote to create new ones, literally, as part of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual — the “Bible” of psychiatry that has been widely criticized, even by leading psychiatrists.


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Afternoon chuckle....yea chillary could use one of these...


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NO bill you shut up and listen to the Vet you worthless scumbag.

VIDEO: Bill Clinton snaps at veteran during speech: ‘Shut up and listen to my answer’

The long hours and grueling pace of the presidential campaign may be finally catching up with a rapidly aging Bill Clinton.

During an appearance in Bluffton, South Carolina on Friday, a former Marine interrupted Clinton’s speech and asked him to address what Hillary was going to do about the VA.


Notice that those who even remotely questioned or brought up Benghazi were escorted out by the cops? So decent is not allowed now? Don't you dare question the almighty bill and chillary. If these two perished by an act of God tomorrow I wouldn't shed a tear.

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barry's Amerika....racial division, high unemployment (its much higher since they don't count those unemployed over 99 wks), businesses closing, crime....etc.

Economic Recovery? 13 Of The Biggest Retailers In America Are Closing Down Stores

Barack Obama recently stated that anyone that is claiming that America’s economy is in decline is “peddling fiction." Well, if the economy is in such great shape, why are major retailers shutting down hundreds of stores all over the country? Last month, I wrote about the “retail apocalypse” that is sweeping the nation, but since then it has gotten even worse. Closing stores has become the “hot new trend” in the retail world, and “space available” signs are going up in mall windows all over the United States. Barack Obama can continue huffing and puffing about how well the middle class is doing all he wants, but the truth is that the cold, hard numbers that retailers are reporting tell an entirely different story.

Earlier today, Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert released a letter to shareholders that was filled with all kinds of bad news. In this letter, he blamed the horrible results that Sears has been experiencing lately on “tectonic shifts” in consumer spending…

In a letter to shareholders on Thursday, Lampert said the impact of “tectonic shifts” in consumer spending has spread more broadly in the last year to retailers “that had previously proven to be relatively immune to such shifts.”

“Walmart, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Staples, Whole Foods and many others have felt the impact of disruptive changes from online competition and new business models,” Lampert wrote.

And it is very true – Sears is doing horribly, but they are far from alone. The following are 13 major retailers that are closing down stores…


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black refguee harasses white girl....I think we should start call them refuse not refugees. The only way to deal with these rabid animals is to put them down.


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such a rich enduring culture just like the ones down south of our border....NOT....