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You have said a mouthful! I also beleive that the timing of this latest "terrorist" attempt is mighty suspect at this particular time. The problem with some Americans is that they quickly forget things they shouldn't. We need to keep holding this administration's feet to the proverbial fires.

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...and the canned goods...

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I am embarassed for this kid's parents, although it's pretty apparent that they didn't do a very good job of "home-training" him.

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If this "protest" got no air time, and no endorsements from those on the left, how long do you think they'd be making nuisances of themeselves? They have been goaded into this by those who want to distract Americans. I bet if they were all asked to fill out a questionaire, telling what it is they are protesting, they would all have different answers, many of them have no real clue at all what they are protesting against.

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Alec Baldwyn has the credibility of a flea. If he is touting a product or services, I suggest one steer clear of them.

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I heard somewhere that they are getting paid $600.00 a week. It would seem to me that that kind of money would best be served in a more positive manner, and that certainly wouldn't include people who aren't supposed to be here.

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He makes Richard Daley look like a choir boy...Chicagoans will rue the day they voted him into office...he will drag Chicago to even deeper depths than it has ever seen before. He'll sink that ship, but he won't go down with it, now will he?

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Didn't Bloomberg predict that people would take to the streets earlier, and suddenly, here they are. These people are too dense to realize that they are merely pawns in the grand scheme of things.

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Do they even have a clue about what they are protesting? OldmanRick, you hit the nail squarely on its head.