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What if you could be a body who live in deep space, who never jad the idea of a sense in its lifetime. Then would that 'thing' you're experiencing be nothing at all? No, because you're experiencing space, which is not nothing. I would think to experience 'nothing' is like trying to see is four dimensions: we can always express what we THINK it is, but we have no idea, and can never have an idea if it is actually right. To slightly alter the common saying, 'if a tree fell in the forest, how will we know if it actually fell?' Barring the ability to actually go in the forest and check the tree in question.
Or like dividing by zero; is the result nothing, infinite, something, some mixture of the previous, or all of the above? Is it something we just cannot imagine? Or is it actually bidden within something else? What if nothing was part of everything? Then how in the world can we know it's there in the first place?

Ok, I think anything more would have to be about something. XD Well, then what was I talking talking about right now? Nothing? Then that 'nothing' WAS something. It is always inherently something. Was it?

Jeeebus, I decided to type this out on my phone, and now I remembered there's a computer in the next room over that would have made this a lot more efficient. Oh well! XD

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Nothing? Nothing, man, is definitely something. The lack of a topic IS a topic itself. Now, not in the sense of silence: that is a different atmosphere. Rather, see it as somewhat in the sense of a metaphorical blank slate: the paper is empty not to stay empty, but to eventually be filled. That parasec between nothing and the start of what to add to that slate is what I mean. Ok, so that's slghtly leaning towards the moment after nothing, but you can use that idea on the nothing itself.
'Nothing' is actually very, very hard to find. ANY precursor of anything will conciously or unconciously color the moment that was held by nothing. So in that, nothing turns into something. It may still look a lot like nothing on the surface, but it now has shades of things that happened previously upon it.
If you'd want to go farther with that, there is not actually a thing of 'nothing'. As far as anything can comprehend, there was at least some kind of environment to paint some inital color. So anything that was close to null is still something in thag moment of time, compared to it's surroundings.

For example, in regards to the above white space, directly above this sentence. Is nothing there? Well, in a literal sense, not, you have the color white there. But ideawise, did nothing happen in that space? I highly doubt.


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Agreed! Luna maybe be one of the most awesome ponies, but Celestia needs some more time in the limelight regardless!

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And all through the comments the ponies did write,
But hardly a rhyme was in our sight!

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Oh hi PK!
Hmmm, I think I'll withhold my thoughts until tomorrows episode! Let's see!

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I had muffins in honor of Derpy today! =D
I'd be watching the streams if I wasn't already out and about for the day.

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Mann, Trixie will do a lot to avoid walking. XD

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Merry Christmas EQD! =)

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I think it'll give it a great flavour. And the weekly wrap-ups are an excellent idea!

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For the brief screentime she had, Pinkie was just amazing in this episode.