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Perhaps if parents educated their children on sex, condoms, STDs, birth control, instead of putting the fear of god into them that they just shouldn't have sex--"end of story", those statistics you quoted would be lower. Because teenagers aren't educated they have sex without protection and they either get pregnant or become infected with an STD.

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Come on, you know it's true. Especially in the youth. The girls go out and slap on bottles of fake tan(which was popular a decade ago), the boys think their chavness is spot on with 2008, the overall fashion in the UK is that of America circa 1999. Movies are released months later than they are anywhere else, the euro pop trash which floods Radio 1 is utter tripe, I could go on and on. I live in the UK alright?

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What is up with "dreemz"? Why would people think it is 'cool' to misspell a word and then scribble it on their t-shirts?? Also, they were very out of tune and all over the place, for them to go through and Amabile Girls' Choir not go through makes me think rich white girls don't have a chance in this competition.

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P.S. I guess we should have paid a whopping £65 to stand all the way in the back--we would have at least heard something.

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Interview upon interview--wasn't the night supposed to be about the concert? That's nice the people talking got to see some of it--we didn't!

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Thanks Orson--at least someone gets me! Seriously though, I was being sarcastic. I was simply pointing out how much easier it is to criticize one of the American starlets. I am sick of "journalists" attacking Amy Winehouse. Sure she is an addict, but she has people rooting for her. We want her to get better. Spiridakis isn't helping.

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Hi Cynthia Blue, thanks for checking my blog out. It is funny that I found this page, since today was the first time I took my little yorkie-russell to agility. He went through the tunnels pretty well, other than that he was all over the place.

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You don't know what it is like to be poor because your body does not allow you to work.

And for the record--Jesus didn't preach socialism, you are right about that, he preached communism!

P.S. I started working when I was 10, so what?

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There is nothing wrong with wanting more money. But there is something wrong when people from Ohio come on here and leave ignorant comments. To think of poor people as lazy people who just don't feel like working is appalling! That is an evil thought "Christian". Did you not for one second consider the multitude of reasons as to why people are poor?

From personal experience: I am sick, sooo sick. Before I was diagnosed with my brain tumor I was in college. There was a nun who called me lazy because I dragged my feet...literally. I couldn't walk properly, my speech was affected, my brain couldn't even send the message to my hand on how to scribble a few words onto a piece of paper. But because I wasn't working hard like the rest of the students, the nun assumed I was lazy. You are using the same idea to describe those who cannot work full-time jobs.

I am going to make a wild guess here that you have never been poor, you have never worked hard only for Social Security to take a huge chunk of your check every week. You have never suddenly become ill with say a motor neuron disease and had to claim your SS back. You have never been denied SS for one reason or another, and have never had to live off of SSI which is currently only about $440 a month.

Don't base poor people on those who exploit the system--the single mother who has more children only to abuse the benefit system to buy more crack. That small percentage of poor people shouldn't be the only thing you think of when you hear the word "poor" or when you think of government "benefits.

Socialists want to even out tax, so those who cannot afford to pay, don't have to. America should rip a page out of that book. And Christian, until you have walked a mile in a poor man's shoes, don't call him lazy!