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This makes me disgusted! Shame on them!

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OMG what a funny show! I love Mr. G!

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The next time I'm there I will have to try it.

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I am sure her mom found this blog by now because I heard she is constantly googling Sasha to see who is writing about her. That in itself is lame, but I just wanted to leave that psycho a note to say how horrible of a mother she is. Mrs. Bennington, you are a bad mom. Anyone who would put their child through the pageant scene is abusive. Especially since you are wasting your husband's hard earned cash to travel to America! Who the hell do you think you are? Do you really think everyone wanted to go to TEXAS? Even Americans don't want to go there. I hope he divorces you and then you will finally know what it is like to actually work for a living. I hope child services comes and takes your children away also, since you are one of the worst mothers I have ever seen on reality television.

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To the little girl who keeps coming back and leaving harassing comments: stop! If you are secretly in love with George Sampson, that's fine. Go ahead and think he is fantastic; the reality of the situation is he is not. Do you think he would ever get into a proper dance school? Of course you don't. He is a mediocre street dancer at best, and did not deserve the 100,000 he won. Now, run off and do something with people your own age. This blog is for adults and intelligent children. P.s. your "stupid Americans" remarks is hilarious since most of us on here are British. I know for a fact Orson is. Just because someone hasn't watched Britain's got talent, doesn't mean they are American. There were far more well made television shows on than that!

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As a brit, I know more about Sacha than you "Lawjerk". He did sell out. Instead of being happy with his British audience he just had to 'break America'. And FYI, most Americans do not 'get' British humor, it tends to be too dry and rude for their liking. Maybe you are the exception, or maybe you can't stand it when America gets slagged off from time to time. Any how, do you even know where Staines is for example: how could Americans possibly get any joke that has to do with Ali G's home town, most of you think London is a country. Your geographic knowledge is always way off.

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I heard the same thing. Just a bad myth!

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Coffee, yuk! I don't care if it would prolong my life, the stuff is vile!

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I am finding it slightly confusing. If something isn't broken, it shouldn't be fixed. Sad attempt!

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What a difference in classes! People are struggling to pay for gas and food, while others are out buying $20,000 purses? This is in America people, the land of the free.