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Jealous ??? I am no more jealous of George than I am of this person's ability to spell !!

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It was all very disappointing - and annoying ! That Schofield man should be banned from TV ! His inane interviews ruined the whole show - and why couldn't we hear the music and not be subjected to all those pointless interviews ? OK Stephen Fry talked a lot of sense, but this wasn't the time nor the place. I was bursting to hear Queen and what did we get ? About 2 minutes ! And just one Amy Winehouse number. Why the fuck did they get Will Smith and some woman i didn't know to introduce things ? He was awful - he should stick to films. Such a pity - even though the concert appeared to be pretty crap, we could have been shown more of it ! Wish I'd gone to Glastonbury !

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Jennifer is quite right - this little girl obviously has a crush on the young lad, so I suppose we must excuse her enthusiasm - but the boy has no talent at all. He does have enthusiasm, but enthusiasm just is not entertaining. And why did he have to repeat the "Singing in the Rain" number for the final ? Not a huge repertoire ! And certainly not worth £100,000.
PS I'm a stupid Englishman !

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Sounds like one to avoid !!

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Strange how tourists get a completely distorted view of British life ! It must have seemed very peculiar to you - it does to most of us too !

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Quite right too - the clothing and footwear industries are huge, and we all depend on them to dress us, yet they totally lack imagination in my view. Take men's clothes as an example - they haven't changed for 300 years - shirt, trousers and a jacket. Come on you designers, look past the ends of your noses and design !! You get paid enough.

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Amy W has real talent - she can sing and compose. It's a shame that she has got herself hooked on drugs, but this is no reason for this silly woman to pull her to pieces. As for B Spears, I've always thought her very overrated - she puts on a professional show but her singing is poor and lately she seems to be having mental problems, and of course the press won't leave her alone - one of the penalties of fame, as is being verbally destroyed by so-called journalists trying to impress with their reporting skills.

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Well done Ida ! Go for 1000 !!

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That's cheap by UK standards - milk is about 80p a pint, delivered fresh to your door in the early morning, which is about £6.40 a gallon, or $12US ! I don't know about starving to death, but we will all have to eat less and change our diets I think.

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Well it was better than I had thought it would be. I was expecting an extended version of one of the TV episodes - and for a while that's how it appeared to be panning out. But it did improve, although the film was overly long. As for the four main characters, like Marmite you love them or hate them. I used to find Carrie (man-face) very annoying but I suppose I've got used to her after watching repeat after repeat. As for the others, well Samantha is great but the other two are not very appealing. And as for the men, well it's the gay guys who make the show. This was a ground-breaking show for US TV and as such it deserves a lot of credit for its clever scripts and apparent lack of censorship, so good luck to them all just for this. The film will not be quite such a success in the UK as it is currently only available on satellite TV I believe - or am I wrong ?