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Quit living in the middle ages, libruls. That whole George Tiller assassination thing was like half a decade ago.

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How 'bout every time John Boehner's eyes roll we take a shot?

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Smells Like Liz Warren?

I refuse to believe she emits any odor other than a freshly-ionized snow meadow.

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I have to face the reality that Trump and I have something in common. Only I'm taking my neighbor to small claims court as their kid respects his car sub-woofer more than my quality of life.

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I'm about to plagiarize and I wish I could credit the original poster for this comment. Sadly, Historical comments get trimmed from Wonkette. This won't be near as funny as the post that stuck in my head:

Ensign's a veterinarian now? Good. My dog needs her anal glands squeezed.

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Noon = 5pm in London. Cheerio, bottoms up!

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“What the hell does God need the city council for?”
"What does God want with a starship?"

Treading dangerously close to Captain Kirk Star Trek V libel.

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Help! Where's the button to upfist Bethany Rodgers and her liberal agenda!

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I imagined they all had pointy moostaches, capes & flat kepi caps like Capt. Renault from Casablanca.
But with high-powered automatic weapons patrolling train stations. The latter I am certain of.

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Hey, Al Qaeda!!! Guess who else drew unfavorable cartoons of Muhammad? (Hint: It's in my name)