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In a nutshell yes. The game itself has very interesting and likable characters, along with some great music and sounds.

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I can't believe I sat and watched all of this...
Great work though

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haha muffins,
im really impressed by what the voice actors/actresses can do, it shows that they got real talent.

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this im much excited for :D

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Considering were gonna be having like a bunch of the bg ponies in this, there's a good chance. It may be like a bunch of little stories, that may or may not be related to one another.

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Hope you feel better soon, make sure to drink liquids.

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at the very moment of typing its 6:10 am.

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Morning, I only got bout 3 hours of sleep, cause I wanted to get up early to watch this show live.
that and im waiting to get some ice cap later, other than that I am fine.

So how are all of you?

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Ya know today is the first day of winter, aka the darkest day of the year, aka, the time when the sun is out for the less amount of time.

Also why applejack? Guess you need sun to make good apples.

Besides that im only up now because Im waiting to watch a 6 hour year end music show that will only have one 20 minute commercial break.

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Got it earlier today on my phone, and been playing it for a while. I did like how when I was getting the vines and whatnot in the forest, i got more gems out of it than normal. i think i collected bout 10 gems in one day compared to 1-2 gems a day.