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So Tuesday counts as a "late" review now.

Well... shit.

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Neither will Hasbro... I mean i assume that with so much work put into it already they've straightened all that out and won't have any problems.

If they haven't then they're fucked and i'd hate for this to go to waste.

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You should watch mine, i feel kinda the same way about the show, i like to focus on the positives.

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is pony clicker not a thing? can it be a thing?

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That bit at the end was played up for comedic effect, we don't hate each other at all. We're friendly friends.

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What? you hear it too

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He's almost certainly dong it because his agent told him it'd put him in some peoples good books as well as more publicity.
My cynicism is too strong to imagine he's actually sincere.

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It's a shame he/she added the scary ending because now nobody is going to comment on the really cute and rather detailed animations of the others things pinkie does.

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They gonna do a "Bronies React" to this?

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This is one of those ones where to can tell immediately what points you're getting for who due to the question being so blatant.

also there's not a lot of choice "do you love nature so much it hurts you to be indoors? or do you cringe at the very thought of greenery?"

Well i'm not that extreme, what do i pick?

Have fun with it i guess.