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I'd really be interested if his lobbyist mistress' company got any breaks from Duvall.

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I stopped allowing my employee to extort UW donations from me many years ago. Instead, I write a yearly check directly to the agency of my choice, usually Rowan Rescue. You don't need for several middle men to takes chunks out of each dollar you donate and give pennies to the charity.

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This is not the same speech originally planned. Excerpts provided last week by the associated press showed a more ominous tone repeatedly coming near to having our children "pledge" to Oboma rather than their country. Once the public started questioning and complaining, the speech got watered down. Thank goodness the parents and the public keeps up with the news and voiced their opinion.

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This is the very reason Obama is pushing the bill that allows him to shut down the country's internet in the event of a "crisis". Iran did this just this last year to quell disscent from it's citizens protesting an illegal election. This was done by China and North Korea when the governments detected disscent amongst it's citizens. The man is dangerous.

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Agree Bonez. No one took bloggers seriously several years ago....they just thought they were sitting in their pajamas in front of their computers, and just making up things. They under estimated the public's ability to research on the internet. It was the bloggers on the Drudge and Lucianne sites that reported Clinton's indiscretions. They were ignored for weeks by the media until the stained dress was introduced. Glen Beck didn't glean for the information on Van Jones...... it was the bloggers on The Gateway Pundit site. They gleaned the information, got the facts, and passed to the only avenue of media that would take them seriously.....they had learned the lesson from the Clinton escapade.

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What's happening is the politicians are realizing that what they say or do in the past will come back around and bite them in the butt. Just in the last ten years, thanks to blogs and conserative talk shows, folks are getting news from the other side. Common folks have internet access and can verify the information from both the liberal and conserative news and can make their own decisions. Because of the public's access to this information, no politician is safe.

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Remember reading "The Scarlet Letter" in high school? I agree , lock them up and keep them there. If they consider releaseing I want a big P burned on every sexual predator's forhead.

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Would you have rather he threw the book down and run from the room? President Bush had to appear calm for the country's sake. He also had to stay put while the secret service put into place the emergency precautions in protecting the president when the country is attacked.

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I think it was President Kennedy that launched the exercise program for public schools. I don't recall a TV address to them, though.

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Oh yes, kum-ba-ya. Let's not question our "great leader". The book "I'm Ok, You're OK" lost it's popularity within a year. Face your research....don't goose-step.