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Mr. Roberts, contrary to what you believe, the health care bills before congress are some of the most carefully read proposals in history. The town hall meetings motivated an intense study of several ideas proposed in congress. Insurance, drug, and health care lobbies helped focused the issue of health care reform and made it the top news worthy item. As for the appearance of making it affordable, are you talking in terms of cost? If so, I suggest we think in terms of value instead of cost. What is the value of health care reform? What is the value of having a healthy nation? When we consider cost, is profit trumping the well being of people?

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In my opinion, the big health insurance companies is only a part of the health care system that needs to be overhauled. Unfortunately, the big insurance companies left a bad impression among some by spending 1.4 million dollars a day lobbying against health care reform. Drug companies, the for profit hospitals, tort laws, overpriced medical equipment and services, and a nation of individuals in need of taking better care of themselves are elements in need of correction. Better care must be taken with the quality and type of foods we consume while building exercise in our life styles. The big food companies must also play a more constructive role in health care reform by making healthier foods more available than fast foods especially for children and seniors. Our attitudes and values towards health care are also in need of an overhaul.

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Congratulations Safrit. Your new store is a breath of fresh air. The larger store will give us room to inhale and exhale without taking turns. Best wishes.

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We don't need any new faces. We need new ideas.

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Rush is at it again. LOL

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Because you do not like being used. The person you refer to as neighbor is not a true neighbor.

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I had the same problem last week. I contacted Intense debate and was told that there was a problem with my browser. I went to the internet and googled the person and the Salisbury Post and was able to post my comment.
The problem was temporary. Keep trying.

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Mr. Kearny's letter caused me to look at the health debate in a different manner. We may be asking the wrong questions one of which is relative to the cost of health. I recall little consideration of cost with regards to national defense and bank bailouts because we value our national financial and physical security. We should ask, what is the value of health care reform? Will a healthier nation be a wealthier nation?

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The bleeding heart liberals already have a low cost health care plan, its called MEDICARE FOR ALL. Jesus also turned water into wine. I agree that misrepresenting the scriptures is wrong regardless of who cites the Bible. I already went on a tantrum about thumping the Bible earlier this year. It crawls under my skin.

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Mr. Cobb, the people of the United States during WW II had a clear and well defined objective. Victory meant the survival of our country. All citizens made sacrifices. What we need today regarding the Afgan war are clear objectives and honest discussions concerning the true cost of war. I get the impression that we do not have a national commitment to our military involvement in Afghanistan. The mission shifted from fighting Al Qaida and killing or capturing Bin Laden to nation building and fighting the Taliban. Our troops are doing a wonderful job and should be rewarded for their service upon their return.