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Adaptive Futuretechture for Mad Men

* Everyone is a creative content producer.
* The end of content and concept scarcity.
* The rise of the curator class.
* Crowdsourcing is frictionless, zero-transaction-cost, liquid labor.
* Reputation, social currency, curates clueful crowds.
* Sturgeon's Law, gone exponential.
* Bureaucracy breeds bureaucracy.
* Eschew perverse organizational and process arbitrage.

Friendly Challenging Question: How much longer can organizations like V&S continue to exist between the Crowd and the Client when the very nature of the emergent system squeezes out middle men?

One stock answer, "quite a bit longer, due to institutional inertia, if nothing else." Yet it strikes me as a super interesting question to think about What Might Come Next, in the dramatic evolution of Ideas Propagation, that you describe so colorfully from linotype to 3D printing and beyond.

Some of your ideas about reputation engines and social capital seem resonant with the of work Dan Robles and others. Maybe V&S metamorphoses into something like one of the world's premiere Social Capital or Innovation Banks, of sorts?

That'll Never Happen. ;-)

It was a great serendipitous pleasure to meet you at #FOC10 last week in San Francisco, John. While increasingly commonplace today, the experience of "digital telepathy,” which is to say the discovery and interaction of one another via twitter streams in the context of a live event, is still fascinating and compelling to me. Never before in history could people "think out loud together" like this. It’s not difficult to imagine this capability as something powerfully transformational for humanity, and it's an exciting time to be around to find out what unexpected capabilities, risks, rewards, and opportunities emerge as it reaches more and more people.

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Sounds like maybe another job for Kaliya and

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P.S. This comment is only WRT IntenseDebate. I just realized the convenience of being able to go back weeks later and fix broken code. I noticed the links in my previous comment were broken over on the ID dashboard; easily clicked back over here and fixed the links. Nice.

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This drifts a little bit off topic, but isn't it also fascinating to compare this to this and the spectrum in between? I really do have to call it a day for now, too many mundane IRL tasks over next week or two. Keep up the great work, Leo. Onward!

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I'm often entertained by the dumbfounded look on many faces when I hand them my card that only has @silverton in 24 pt. font, centered on plain with business card. ;-) What else is needed for anyone who is authentically, actively participating in the relevant innovation community? If I get a 'deer in the headlights' look, I know I'm dealing with a Flat Earth Society member. ;-) Is that 3vi1 pr0fi1inG?