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Was auto-logged as "wiseleo" in with my Wordpress.com account... This is the real me. :)

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This comment refers to my other product. I am working on it. :)

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Sorry for delay in response. Yes I solved that problem. I'll e-mail you.

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it would actually be trivial to integrate Tungle and turning off data connection on a device. Just an option. I might make such an app on top of my platform. :)

13 years ago @ StartupCFO - Common Startup Mistakes · 1 reply · +1 points

Consider making audio recordings of your presentations. I use a Zoom H2 to record mine, but there are many options. It would be quite a bit more valuable. :)

I'd probably share them through screencasting in addition to slideshare. Timing the slides to audio is not complicated.

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Why not post and dissect an effective executive summary?

I applied copywriting techniques when I wrote mine. After all, when seeking financing we are essentially selling a piece of the company, so why not make it a clear advertisement. When writing an advertisement, I consider how I would write scripts for a primetime TV commercial with focus on benefits and absolute minimum about the technology. That would be vastly different from a trade magazine full-page ad where I would expect to see technical jargon.

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Yum.. yum.. yum! This loyal T-mobile subscriber has the credit card in his hand... :)

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That would be Mozilla Ubiquity

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Expose IMEI via Bluetooth and you are basically there. An easier approach is again a bluetooth sniffer and a on opt-in bluetooth app. You walk into the bar, pass the BT scanner at entrance, you are checked in.

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Helium is a non-renewable resource currently being squandered on balloons and such. It is critical for such applications as cooling superconductors.

However, this is still interesting.