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This is very disheartening news because most will now look to this community organizer as an able Commander In Chief. They will ignore the previous article about "war on terror".
Killing Mehsud might depress ISAF casualties in the short term, but Obama's long term military and foreign policies might kill us all.

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Robert says, "Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Bosnia/Kosovo, Nigeria, Western Europe, the U.S."

...don't forget China...

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This is a violation of their charter rights. The British government is forcing a citizen to practice religious rituals that are not of their choosing. This will not stand.

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"Iran's parliament speaker: Shut up, Biden."

No. No. No.
It was Obama who said this.

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We can't sanction. Obama will be cooking, and eating, Halal hot dogs with the Iranians on the 4th. Wanna bet they didn't even consider serving pork hot dogs?!?!?

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I am astonished. This from the man who said he would resolve the 751 "sensitive urban zones"
How'd that work out? This man has been a colossal disappointment. He has a long, long way to go to impress me.

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This advice sounds ominously similar to the sentiments expressed by the OIC. To oppose "denigration" of Islam is subterfuge; this is a first amendment issue cloaked in righteousness, equality, tolerance, and understanding. These are the buzz words of the Left. Jihadists in CAIR and the OIC know this. Those words are now their trojan horse. Will He defy them or the Constitution?

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Aid does not end up in jihadist hands? huh? There was an article here that said the UN, the UN!!!, was cutting funds to Gaza because it ends up in Hamas' blood soaked hands. That didn't stop King Hussein from proffering $900 million, did it?
Also, aid isn't exactly perceived as "aid" from the Muslim perspective. It is bribe/protection money (jizya) to keep those jihadists and their sympathizers from harming the dhimma (UK, USA, Canada, The West...etc...)

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Dennis Prader, at Jewish World Review Daily, also wrote a better speech than the one Obama is going to render

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This debate is similar to the "Islam: Threat or Not" debate between Robert and Dr Daniel Peterson who also read from a prepared statement. Robert and Raymond spoke plainly and intelligently. I think a lot of people think they're going to make wild accusations, but quicly realize their positions are deeply rooted in Islamic texts.
PS: Raymond looks like a buffed version of Ray Romano. No? :)