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"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Yeah and those that are not willing to fight for their freedom do not deserve it.

SST, How in your warped little mind do you find that Bush should have been able to stop the Madrid, London, or Bali bombings? He was the UNITED STATES PRESIDENT not the WORLD DICTATOR that Obama dreams of being

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sst would have preffered that we SURRENDER.

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Yeah it happened nine months into his Presidency and was being planned for four years during Clintons Presidency. They learned how to fly while Clinton was in office and did almost all the major planning when Clinton was in office. Clinton has MULTIPLE chances to take out Bin Laden, but refused to give the ordrer and at least one time refused to even take the call so that the opportunity would pass before he would have to make a decision.

Clinton treated the first World Trade Center bombing, The USS Cole and every other terrorist attack as if it were no big deal and law enforcement would eventually get around to investigating it.

So yes 9/11 happened after Bush took over, but at least he kept us from being attacked again. The interrogation of those non-human beasts, that planned 9/11, gave us information to thwart massive attacks that were being planned against this country.

Now Obama is worse then Clinton and we WILL be hit again and HARD.

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I too am pissed at Fox, especially O'Rielly. Fox only reported "Tens of Thousands" at the March and O'Rielly still insists that there were only 70,000 because that is what an "un-named" souce in the fire department said was there.

Any idiot that looks at the pictures knows that there were hundreds of thousands if not well over a million. Just the West Lawn area holds over 240,000. and the crowd went all the way down PA Ave past the Washington Monument. There were more there then were at Obama's Inaugeration.

How can Fox and O'Rielly just dismiss it and take some un-named sources estimate. I have lost allot of respect for O"Rielly

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If you listen to talk radio then you should also notice that none of the big conservative talkers promoted the march. Glenn mentioned it a few times, but not many. They did not promote if for a couple reasons.

First they did not want the media to be able to say that the only reason we showed up was because we are a bunch of mind numb robots doing what they tell us too. The media would have been able to somewhat discredit the 9-12ers if talk radio had heavily promoted it.

I think the second reason Glenn did not overly promote it was because he is already carry much of the water on his TV show. In order for this to work (take back our government) it has to be GRASS ROOTS. He got the ball rolling back in the Spring and had confidence in Conservativess (republican and democrat) to take it and run with it.

I don't think Glenn really wants to be "In Charge" of this peaceful revolution. He knows the only way it will succeed is if we get off our butts and make it happen. And that is exactly what we did on 9-12. I was proud to be at the March and now have much more "HOPE" that we really are going to get through this.

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Your exactly right Jeanette. The two party's currently have the system RIGGED against any third party candidates. The media usually refuses to allow the third party candidate to even attend the (so-called) debates and the media will not give third party candidates any air time.

The two parties also have the primary elections rigged in their favor. Last I checked 38 states have CLOSED PRIMARIES. Republicans can only vote for a Republican and Democrats can only vote for a Democrat and Independents are screwed. They do not allow third party primary's and they do not allow Independents to vote for a democrat or republican.

So Jeanette is absolutely CORRECT. We need to take back the Republican party and turn it into a Conservative Party Once again,

Trying to start a third party and get anywhere is a much harder row to hoe. Probably impossible right now with the way the system is rigged.

Once we take back the Party and AMERICA we need to change the rules though and make it much easier for other parties and candidates and independents.

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We do not NEED a 3rd Party. We just need to take back the Republican party. a third party is not a viable solution because the two major parties have the rules made to protect themselves from third parties.

Why should WE have to go find another party? I say vote out the Republican's that are RINO's and take back OUR party. Let the RINO's and East Coast arse kissers go make up their own 3rd party.

Saying we should start a 3rd party is like saying we should buy a new house because the one we own now is dirty. CLEAN IT UP. THROW THE BAD ONES OUT.

IF the American people actually PAY ATTENTION and inform themselves BEFORE they vote then we will not be in this position again and would not be in it now if they had taken an interest in the governance of their country like the founders had warned that they better.

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I don't often take off work, but I will be there on Saturday 9/12 for the march and protest

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What pain did he cause working people? I seem to remember the late 70's and very early 80's being very painful and then Regeans reforms starting great prosperity for almost anyone who wanted to WORK for it. I lived the 1980's and I do not remember being thrown under any bus.

Regean's tax cuts helped EVERYONE who worked and more then double the amount of revenue brought in by the government, unfortunately he had a democratic Congress that he had to COMPROMISE with to get his reforms enacted which meant spending three times as much as before.

Sure Regean made some mistakes but anyone who is not GOD will make mistakes and when your President a mistake can be a BIG THING. Do you thing George Washington NEVER made a mistake or any other great President?

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Did Reagan make a few mistakes? of course.

Amnesty was one, although it was part of a major immigration reform bill titled the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. It was a compromise. Amnesty for those here and what was promised to be strict enforcement of immigration in the future. Regean can hardly be blamed for Bush Sr, Clinton and Bush Jr not enforcing the immigration laws.

Lebanon was probably the biggest mistake. I am sure he would have done it different if he could have. You, thebarbarian, seem to feel that YOU make no mistakes. I was in the military in the 1980's and the military LOVED Regean. Carter had HOLLOWED out the miltiary and Regean REBUILT it and started paying soldiers a much better wage. He INCREASED our nuke arsenal instead of disarming like Carter wanted. He paid for the development of all kinds of new weapons systems. He stood up to Gorbachev. I was in Germany when the wall came down.