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Honestly, with the very little usage my DSi gets, I'm not seeing a reason to grab one of these. 3D isn't a reason for me to buy more expensive tickets, either. Just sayin.

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Multiplayer? How can a game that just CRIES OUT for multiplayer not have it!? <gamertroll>And how can you give this an A if there's no multiplayer!?!?!?!</gamertroll>

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Great Article, Keri! I believe that boss fights should be like tests in school - a carefully designed test of the skills and upgrades you've goten along the way, used in masterful and creative ways to get past the end of level boss. Of course, the poorly designed ones are just like those tests we all dreaded in school -- basic regurgitation of the same old stuff that we've been doing all along.

As for hardcore vs casual players, everyone defines it differently. I think casual gamer can mean both the type of game that's played as well as the amount of time spent. If someone plays first person shooters and intense, AAA titles, but only once a week, does that make them hardcore, or casual? What about a gamer who plays Peggle or Bejeweled every day for hours at a stretch, does that make them casual or hardcore? I think the terms are ambiguous, and it's important to define what we mean by them when we talk about gaming.

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I wonder if this thing will have the "power" to play PSP minis, Sony's first foray into reasonably priced game software.

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"Sony has been hardest hit by piracy over the last generation. Piracy on the PSP has been detrimental to software sales, and the recent breaking of the PS3’s root code has now made it possible to make any homebrew software look as if it is an official Sony release."

What are your sources for this bit?

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I don't think I could remain sober for the first ten minutes with a game like that!

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I'm hoping you don't see $5 off used new release games at GameStop as a bargain. Where does the cost-conscious gamer go to get their two week old bargain games?

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This year, I'm throwing my own turkey day party, so YEAH we're gonna game. i've got RockBand 3, Mod Nation Racers and Little Big Planet all set for the big day!

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Yeah, but you have to post your own stack of shame, and then choose ONE to get as a prize if you win.

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Well, that would make it at LEAST $280, right?