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32 iPhone 32 iPhone 32 iPhone

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While I just wanted to use Chinatown Wars as an example, I totally agree that Rockstar was way too hopeful with the sales projections. You are not going to generate the same amount of revenue on a handheld which is focused more to kids, as you would on one with a more mature audience, no matter how good the game actually is.

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I will admit to being slightly melodramatic at points but I still think this is a pressing issue in the community at large. I also see Chinatown Wars in the Top Twenty for a long while as it is a definite worth it title. I have always been befuddled by the amount of hardware sales in Asia, it seems like everyone owns 5 DS/i and 3 PSPs, it also might be the fact that videogames are much more integrated into their culture than ours.

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Well the source comes from The Business Insider:
I do not know how liable they are, especially now that certain video game websites have om under fire due to false information. Still I do not think we should worry as March was a terrible month for game sales "supposedly".

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Hmmmmm Gen looks suspiciously like Goemon/Kid Ying doesn't he? Great review just picked up my copy today.

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This is the second game I have played with true split mechanics, the first of course being The World Ends With You. More often then not we think that maintaining both screens would be hard but the human brain is remarkable in multitasking. As Always, great review.

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I will say though, it looks really good for the iPhone, but then again looks are definitely deceiving in the videogame market.

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Hmmmm well here is my reasoning for this, and trust me I hate saying this.

We, and by we I mean those of us who care about this, whether we like to think it or not, are the hardcore market. It doesn't matter how good we are in games or if we hunt or do not hunt for games of the past, if one of our favorite games is not an obvious AAA title we are the hardcore market. Sadly companies like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and EA no longer need us. Why? Because we have brought videogames into the mainstream. While everyone is suffering from a state of economic meltdown the videogame industry, save for a few hic ups, is comfortably staying afloat. Why is this? Because the escapism of videogames is now a popular thing. Why can EA pump out a similar Madden game every year and charge full price? Because they know they will get over a million for it! Why are all FPSs becoming the same? Because it is a safe investment for the publisher and developer! Why despite amazing reviews do certain games not sell? Because, those of us who care enough about games to review them are no longer the main market.

The videogame market is now a full blown industry and does not need us and our craving for new and original content. Although we get a lot each and every year a lot of cash is given to games which play exactly like other games. Originality no longer fits the bill. Why must I have a fan translation of Mother 3? Because Earthbound barely sold in the US. The economic crisis worsens this factor making publishers more and more wherry of what games they allow to be made. So, us, the true fans and lovers of this craft, get the short end of the stick. Thank god for Apple, for once, allowing original content to be implemented on their systems, it is what is making the iDevices more than just name brand and beautiful products.

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Hmmm ,well this is sorta the Wii problem again, except with the DS developers have an easy job working around the two screens. I agree with you in that I will not get a DSi. Even as compelling as some of these "indie" games are, knowing Nintendo we are only going to get a few gems (like World of Goo and Lost Winds for the Wii) and alot of similar dreck AND old GB, GBC, and GBA games (Most of which I have). I just wish Nintendo doesn't limit SD cards to the DSi as it will still alienate a portion of the world market, but they could give two shits as they make so much damn money.

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I am sooooo damn happy this came out for the PSP. I have been waiting for a good Tenchu game since the PS1, or an actually good Ninja Game since Shinobi for PS2 (which is still a long time) and since this one seemed decent for the Wii and better for the PSP I am elated.