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It isn't hard to be prepared when your plan for every serious situation is to issue a sternly worded warning and then run to the Useless Nations for help. Our President is weak.

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Could this guy be any more clueless about what will and will not help this country. I want to know what idiots are advising him that implementing huge cost increasing measures during a severe economic downturn is in any way a good idea. Idiot is too nice of a word.

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Funny, I didn't notice Reverend Wright on the list. Seems a little selective on the hate now doesn't it? I'll admit Savage is not my favorite talk show host but give me a break. To put him on the same list as terrorists? This is beyond absurd......... and yet I have a strange desire to be placed on the list myself. At least we know now that England is anti-conservative and anti-free speach. I'm going to re-read the article and see if I missed the section on where to sign up to be banned.

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I am old enough to know this conflict has been going on for a while. However, I'm young enough to have only seen a small portion of these events in my lifetime. What I have seen is disturbing. I wonder if Isreal can ever win this circular PR nightmare that never ends. From what I have seen, Isreal gives up land, they are threatened and bombed. Isreal reacts to the bombing to defend themselves, bombing made possible by their concession of giving up land and they are too extreme in their response. Isreal is now told that they have to give Hamas their own state, a group that is committed to Isreal's destruction and they are supposed to give them autonomy and power. And this is supposed to be the way our countries good name is being restored internationally. Kiss up to the people who hate and want to destroy everything our country stands for while we spit in the eye of our countries closest and most vital ally in the region. This damage goes way beyond anything Bush ever did and we are barely out of the first 100 days. God help us.

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I would laugh if the implications of all of this weren't so serious. Whatever happened to the lines they fed us about not wanting to run these companies? I seem to recall the government stating they just wanted to help them out and let them move forward. So fire him then. A lot of good it would do. It would just prove that the government is clueless and idiotic. Who are they expecting to take the job when he's gone? Not the most qualified person that's for sure. So the government has now shown their willingness to take bonuses without a legal right to do so. Fire executives when they have no business trying to run these companies. Has there been one company that took these bailouts that is actually doing better as a result?

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When you read between the lines of what this guy is saying you realize that they are surprised people are jumping on the "let's all get those evil rich people!" bandwagon. Those poor strategists are sitting there scratching their heads wondering why in the world people care about those evil rich people who hurt us so much. Here's a newsflash, only an idiot thinks that raising any type of taxes during an economic downturn is a good idea. Head back to ECON101 and learn a thing or two you idiots. Any money you tax is money that is taken out of the economy, you restrict money flow and retrict the economy as a result. The disconnect from reality of these policy makers blows my mind. What is unhealthy is the CO2 this guy emits from breathing.

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While I feel that those who pay in should receive the benefits they paid for I think that this shows that those in the Obama administration and the left in general do not believe their own agenda of the rich should give more because they have more. Clearly Joe is rich since his stated income is over $250K. Shouldn't he be sacraficing his small little social security check for those who have not? The hypocrisy is amazing.

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I'm personal waiting for the in-depth, prime time, liberal TV interview to let me go inside the life of the Somalie pirates. That way the world will be able to understand just how America has forced them to be the way they are, kidnapping and robbing, It isn't their fault its ours duh? At least I'll have something else to scream at the TV about.

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This is how this scenario is going to play out. North Korea is going to launch their missile. Our President is going to be so afraid of looking too agressive and undimplomatic so he will let North Korea know just how dissapointed he is in them. That was very very bad North Korea and you should feel ummm bad about being so bad. Then we will go to the U. N. and let he U. N. know about how bad we think North Korea was by launching their rocket. The U. N. will argue, Russia and China will oppose and threaten to veto the statement of condemnation from the U.N.. In the end the U.N. might be able to condemn the launch as well but not until we have used up some political capital, maybe we'll have to promise Russia we'll scrap our Europian missile shield. The world will move on and our diplomatic President will continue to push for the six party talks. We'll probably give North Korea a few more billion in aid to "encourage them" that will in the meantime help them fit a nuclear war head onto the next "satellite" they want to shoot up into the sky. In the end we will be weaker as a nation.

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Would you actually be for eliminating term limits for the President of our country. There is nothing in the constitution about those term limits but I think you would have a hard time arguing that they are not needed and past history has some excellent examples of this. All Obama would have to do to stay in power indefinately would be to give the right groups enough money to keep voting him back in. Oh wait, that's what congress keeps doing and thats what our four term President did isn't it? I think I'm seeing a pattern.