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That's how I see it. No way in hell do I want anyone from congress as governor here.

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i had a conversation about this the other night., we agreed that it was due to horrible movies.

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This video and the other opinion pieces make me sick. That the opinions are expressed on such high soapboxes that they can be passed off as mainstream thought makes me ashamed for humanity.

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Removed due to copyright

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My baby girl and I watch Boomerang. Your right about the soul food, she can't even talk yet but walks around singing "Clementine" and something Magilla Gorilla sung on one of his shorts. This one looks like fun and we'll check it out for sure.

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I know a lot of people that don't go to Juarez anymore that have houses here and there. Have you noticed all of the different cars with plates from different Mexican states that live here now? It used to be just Chihuahua.

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I think it's gonna be okay too. That doesn't mean we let up on these bastards though.

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I, was told I had it, back in high school, I only took the drug for a few months. I too, have a obsession with commas,.

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Yeah, the way I saw it was pull the ads, someone else will pay that price.

I didn't think about it until I saw your post. When I noticed the creepiness I made the mental note, it was like some bad movie. I've had that tube since before this health care thing started, it made me think about groundwork. Makes ya wonder how deep all of this stuff goes.

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I was brushing my teeth the other day, my tube is almost gone but I noticed the art on it.
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