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Wow! A lot of info I did not know outlined here. Thanks Pastor Chisholm for helping to open my eyes.

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Thanks Amydeanne, please help us spread the Word. Everyone tell one.

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Most definitely. That's why we all need Christ and when we try to solve it ourselve we fail. We are called to renew our minds and stop leaning on our own understanding. Be blessed.

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Thank God someone is thinking about the kids. Jelly Telly is funny, educational & engaging.

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Ion said: Hi,
1) I see you have good intentions but rather will express poorly in English. There are Romanians? If I did not know what it is and what is the connection between identity documents with RFID microchip and apocalypse of the Bible, nothing would have understood what you wrote above. Find a Romanian from Romania, which will translate the texts.

Hi Ion
Thanks for taking the time to read and view the article. However we cannot translate the video to another language. You can check with the source site if they have it translated in Romanian.

Also our online translator plugin is not perfect so it may mess up on some phrases when translated from English to Romanian.

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You are welcome Pierre & Jannah. It's a blessing to have your work in the Pool.

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Unfortunately, I don't think there is a plugin for that now. I accomplished it by using two plugins and Dreamweaver (web page building program) The Two plugins I use is NextGEN Gallery and WP-Download Manager. I layout my page with a width that equals the with of my blogs page area. So that when I place the page into Wordpress it does not overlap into the sidebar area. Create the page using tables. I use 4 columns and 7 rows. Your page may hold more or less depending on the size of your icons

Create Medium size icons of your wallpapers and upload them to the NextGEN gallery, zip your large wallpapers files and upload them to Wp-Download Manager.

In your web page you must now enter the code for a singlepic and your download in each grid.

[singlepic=688,151,111]  - This will show the small thumbnail for the Medium size icon with code 688, The other two numbers determines the width and height of the thumbnail.

[download id=103] - this will show the download link for the zip you uploaded with code 103

The plugins will give each item a code after they are uploaded.

When you are done laying out your page, copy the body html code ( Everything from <body> to </body>
Make a new post and paste the html code into it.

That's it.

See Sample here:

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Definitely possible and great tools are available. Check out ours at

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I love the colors also. yellow is my favorite. Thanks for participating in our Flickr group.

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You are welcome Jad Graphics. Thanks for participating in our Flickr group and making it one of the best inspirational groups on flickr.