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Robert, you've done such amazing work and inspired so many both here on the IC and out in the "real world." It's a bittersweet blessing to be losing you, but for another campus to be able to receive your hard work and blessing. Good luck man, we all know you'll do great!

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This past weekend has been so crazy - in such an amazing way! Church Online made it possible for so many people that might not have even thought about going to church this weekend, who happened to be online, to logon, listen to Craig preach the Good News, and give their lives to Christ! How much cooler can it get?! I love what this community is doing, and the love and support everyone has for one another. rocks, and I'm sure the angels up in Heaven are talking about how awesome this weekend has been. And hey, it's not even over! There's still seven more Experiences for people to join in on what's going on here! Gotta love that.

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All signed up and SUPER HYPED about the Revolution! Can't wait for this to kick off and watch the world slowly change from the place it is now to the better world we once knew. [=

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Dear Lord, today saw a very historic and memorable day for people not only here in America, but all around the globe, as Barack Obama officially became the President of the United States of America. After a lot of hard work and dedication, Obama and his family won over the hearts of so many Americans and has talked of so much change as to how we can better this country, and he's now the leader of this great nation. With that position, I realize, Lord God, how a job like that can really take a toll on someone, and there's certainly going to be many choices and decisions Obama's going to face that's going to bother him - maybe even keep him up at night. I pray tonight, Lord Jesus, to bless Obama and all of his associates in the government, and to ask you to continue to watch over Obama during his presidency as well as the US and world. I can only hope and pray that this fresh face in the White House will result in many changes and betterment for the great people of this great nation. Please continue to watch over and protect us, and keep America the amazing, beautiful, and free country it has been for so long now. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

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Dear God, you've given up so much for me - you've given up your only son, Jesus, to suffer and die for the sins of the world. I know your truth, and I value the relationship we have. It is the sole reason I am still alive today, and I've give up anything for you - I want to live my life like a martyr would and sacrifice anything I need to to spread the Word of God and live my life with you. Use me to help do my part to change the world - I owe you my life, Lord, I am forever yours.

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This is a really great topic to bring up; it's something I think about often. I think all too often, we spend too much time shaping Jesus into what WE want Him to be, rather than taking the time to really understand who He actually is. A great blog I read daily,, touched on this subject last month. We sometimes tend to shape Jesus into somebody He may not necessarily be, maybe to justify some of our actions and thoughts. It's sad to think about, but it happens on a daily basis all over the world. That's something I would like to see change in 2009 - something this global church can maybe help many overcome.

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TO THIS YOU WERE CALLED is also looking for writers who would like to use TTYWC as an outlet. We're offering accounts to anyone who would like to have one, pretty much. So if this offer sounds like something you'd like to get involved in, feel free to visit email bobby[at]

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What Amanda said is so, so true - the global community is right here in our own backyards; both on and off line. The internet has allowed us to connect with people in the craziest of places I NEVER would have thought I'd be able to connect with. One of my best friends lives all the way in Singapore! And offline, people from all over the world are living next door, down the street, and right around the block.

I really do believe that anything we do to advance the church, in any aspect, will advance the global church - especially since this amazing church we're apart of here caters to any and every single person who comes through its doors or loads up Firefox (or IE, but really, who uses IE anymore =P).

One thing I'm sure we've all seen in the Internet Campus chat room almost every Experience is the question, "is the message avaliable in (insert non-English language)?" I personally don't speak any other language besides English, but I can understand how cool it would be to have the message translated into my native language. So I'm sure that's something that's crossed your minds @ It's just a matter of what languages to translate to and if it's possible to do so during the live messages.

The new Map featured on the Internet Campus is SO great; it allows people to represent where they're from and it shows just how far the LifeChurch Outreach has reached.

I'm really genuinely excited and anxious to see what other ideas people will bring to the table here, and I'm sure 2009 is going to be another amazing year for and the global church.


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hm.. i kinda dig this. it seems like a somewhat useful tool for th who like to have one site and keep all their online life on it, ya know?

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Man, that'd be reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sick if they managed to do that. Then NOBODY would have any excuse to not attend Church at every Experience tim! =P