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You are welcome "a message", Amydeanne & rpenduck. Keep up the good work and God bless you. Whatever we do, do as if unto the Lord. We pray that people are blessed through your graphic design & that they are brought into the knowledge of Jesus Christ our Messiah.

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Your review is on target. I think the most we can get from the movie is the view of others and how they think the problems of the world can be solved. Other than that it is really geared towards a -"we can solve it" concept which is geared towards failure because our self righteousness is not good enough. I think it's also dangerous to have this kind of world view because it sets us up to receive the Anti Christ. As the bible predicts he will make a peace treaty between Israel and the surrounding nations - that will look like true peace but that treaty will be broken soon thereafter. Most will think this is the greatest thing and man since the beginning of time - but then sudden destruction - he deceives all. Peace can come to this world only through Jesus Christ. Christians have a responsibility to spread the good news of the Gospel to everyone and by doing this we are helping to create stability in a world that is controlled and run by principalities and powers in high places. Pray each day for your leaders so that they may make the correct decision in each situation that arises. Pray constantly.