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I couldn't agree more without spraining something.

As the evidence builds up, it becomes more and more ridiculous every day that that monster is allowed to go on living a life of obscene luxury, waited on hand and foot and surrounded by one of the greatest stockpiles of priceless treasure ever amassed. He should be sitting in a 6 x 8 stone cell, eating mystery meat and stale bread, and that treasure should be liquidated immediately and used to provide whatever aid and comfort the victims may ever need -- and the rest, that can go to buy condoms for everyone in Africa.

Because let's not forget, it's not just the child rape -- that ... that ... whatever he is, he went to a country where 1.4 million people, men, women, and babies, are dying every year from AIDS, and told them that using condoms made it worse.

That's a massive mass murder, even by catholic standards.

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Are you kidding me? A monkey with a typewriter could have made more sense, if he were given a millennium of time. Sheesh.

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The 'fire in a crowded theater' analogy is so relevant with Becky, and any of the other Teawing Bagnuts who deliberately lace their rants with fanatic-bait. Dog whistle politics, I believe it's called - they incite whatever they want and then add a little nonsense disclaimer, but the fringe loonies can hear what's really being said loud and clear.

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That would be seriously hilarious if it wasn't so frighteningly, painfully ignorant.

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OK, that's easily the creepiest thing I've seen today.

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I didn't know I knew about that place. Yet when I started typing the search terms into my browser bar, it showed me the URL - in the way browsers show you things you've been to, not as a search suggestion.

Usually I remember having seen unattractive, annoying websites. It's kind of my thing, websites.

What if I'm sleep-mormon-housewife-blogreading? I know I sometimes sleep-eat...

This is scary.

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I freakin' LOVE me some JoCo! Have you seen the sign language video of "First of May"?

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Yay, our team's going to win because god *hates* those other guys!

Great collection, I almost sprained my eyes rolling them :)

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"fearfully"? It's amazing how many Xtians seem to get fear confused with a good thing.

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OK, "odd" is an understatement there.

And why not Saw II, or Saw IV, or ... whichever roman numeral they're on now? Why III?