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Government too large is only true if you believe business is right there along with it, telling it who to prosecute, and who to let go.

Does this look like "slowly falling apart"?

Do you call this the work of rapists, criminals, hippies or any of the other crap this place throws around?

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Conflicts of interest are obviously lost on you, my friend.

Just remember that its a bank CEO's job to take your deposit and give it to his shareholders, assuming there's any money left after his own compensation.

Its the world you invited. Got it?

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For Republicans who like competition, and not banks who stack the deck:

Anyone who sees the justice and virtue of Glass-Steagall, needs to know the Volcker rule must survive. Hard Core members of the Tea Party remember the socialization of bank losses, from us taxpayers. Sign the petition, if you are still there.

If Stranahan has you convinced nothing good can come of OWS, or the TP, than just keep sitting here reading his stories.

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Seton Motley, You are insane.

There's nothing Left about preserving the freedom of the press, or stopping monopoly. Since when have these things become the sole domain of the fringe Right? Hell, a lot of Republican's, including your's truly, would do without the job-sucking oligopolies that have come to dominate this country. You call it big government. I’d say that’s what it became when THEY packed their bags and headed down there.

How many Biggs authors carry the myth that DC has become the richest place in the US because of federal paychecks? Who do you carry water for?

Democrat/Republican, doesn’t matter. The alphabet soup of agencies and commissions is so stacked with industry insiders, it’s no wonder people have lost the faith. All the biggest ones do is “rent seek”, so you and I can wait for the next service, or good, to get dumbed down to “gold, silver, bronze..or pewter”. Or worse, find out what we'll have to buy.

"Free enterprise in not a hunting license" - Reagan

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Most mortgage brokers did nothing, when they knew they were originating unaffordable loans that would only survive if the borrower either saw appreciation of his home's value, or was able to re-fi into another low variable rate. They were complicit on keeping the whole engine going, even to the point where some offered sub-prime product, when they knew customers qualified for lower rate loans. It paid better, so why not?

It's natural for mortgage brokers to cling to the big government "FNMA/FHLMC" narrative as what caused this crisis, because they were part of the private system that took it down. FNMA/FHLMC never underwrote loans. You did. Both private insurers Assured Guarantee and MBIA have sued the private banks for fraudulently representing the credit quality of their product, before getting it insured. MBIA's law suit just ended in victory against BOA (Countrywide).

We need to stop watching TV all together and take a look at industry analysis, when sub-prime began, and maybe fundamentally review, for decades, how the mortgage market was made up of the "conforming" giants, and then the Angelo Mozilo's, the ratings agencies, the CDO packagers, SIVs, the monolines and, of course, the swaps racket (AIG, Goldman...). There was a head of steam on this thing before the GSE's (that would be Government Sponsored Enterprises) started buying sub-prime mortgage pools in 2006.

Greenberg was on the board of the New York Fed. Not only did he have Timmy Geithner wrapped around his finger, but he could never have set up his time bomb if Phil Gramm hadn't re-introduced CDS back into the market with the CDMA of 2000. Do you understand the regulation of capital requirements, for insurers? Do you understand how, Gramm perverted CDS in his Act so that nobody could call them "insurance"? AIG should have failed completely, but instead it cost us tax payers 26 times what Solyndra did, not including the money they still owe.

I am Republican, and I will lie for no man.

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Have you one stitch of evidence to suggest AIG, who wasn't even a bank, was forced to insure mortgages? Like one credible source, that will back up the "double down" investments thing?

When people bring up the CRA, you can usually spot a narrative gone wrong. Want meat on the bone? Try reading this:

It doesn't take prisoners, or try to BS you about some of the things that are actually happening. From Obama, to McConnell's wife, its all there, how much you and I support THEM.

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Soros is worth 20 billion. The Koch's are worth 50 billion. What do you think is going to happen? Welcome to 2012.

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An undifferentiated product, over 100 million undifferentiated users, almost no substitutes, and relatively few suppliers. Do we have to be in the industry to know?

I buy diesel at the historic high it has been at, relative to gas these past few years. I chalked it up to demand in the developing world. That, and the fact you can only turn a limited amount of each barrel into the stuff.

In many parts of this country people chosse among oil, natural gas, logs, pellets, or electricity to heat their homes. When these commodities aren't going up like oil is, and we are free to chose the cheapest, at what point do we smell the coffee in transportation?

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From the same article:

"That means adding up to $900 a year more for water"

"Currently, Americans pay about $400 a month in water taxes and fees."

So, which is it? Lots of metro-area bills are already in the $1,000 area for water/sewer, annually. $400 per month sounds high. The worst example is Jefferson County, AL, and even they aren't much over $100 mo. for all the fraud in financing their new system, years ago.

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Here you go. It was posted minutes after yours, and then put in a tank for about a day. Now, it’s there.

Fine w/me if folks find EV's like fingernails to the chalkboard. But its annoying when I know their power is so cheap, and can usually bet they haven't penciled how much they'd be saving.

I've got a truck, and a commuter. No contest, I'd go EV, even at 15 cents per kwh to commute. Portland charges less at night in part because they get to operate their hydro, and shut most everything else off.