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I say f all the lefty dooshbag haters,
This ia a time when we should all honor and remember Andrew for the truly innovative Patriot that he was.
Id prefer not to even see or hear from any of these clowns.
We already know how these mindless dolts feel, let them keep their opinions between them and their 8 or 9 listeners.

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So so true, Andrew leaves a void that seems impossible to fill.

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God bless you Andrew and your family, we WILL carry the torch!

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ooooh how scary, what we have here are the same zit faced, dork, un athletic antisocial oucasts, nerd loser, pussies who were questioning their own sexulity when they were 8.
that about sums it up....

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Say your sorry, i am sure you would prefer and honor a sane muslim fanatic.

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Whaaaaaaa............Daddy said its my turn!

Hows the medicine taste ?

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WOW....You are one stupid sheep,
Like a good little lefty soldier, ignore reality,
Take your orders from disfunctional fruitcakes.

Sad it is The perfect usefull IDIOT

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if or guy wins, whoever it is, what is the likelyhood that the republicans would primary the incumbent?
NOW is the time!

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Look for the hollywood version, "Act of Squalor" depicting their heroes,
The occutards. Starring angry dykes and outcast douchbags, produced and directed by Micheal Moore. With special appearances by Sean Penn and Rosie Odonnell.

Free rainbow stickers and Che tshirts.

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Eagles are people too......ooops never mind