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I no way is Obama like Paul Newman. Obama has not created a business and given every cent from that business to charity. Obama can barely be bothered to give to charity on his own. He has in fact donated more to himself this year than the charity of others.

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I heard it takes Obama 8.254 strokes to get the ball in the hole.

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The only thing I can think of is a steaming pile of crap because it was that already and for some reason a Liberal touched it.

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I say stick with this comment system as I have already set it up long ago and use it on other sites as well.

Can you do something about the screen of white at the top of every page?

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English is the Official Language of the US and it says so on our money. Don't believe me? Take out a dollar bill and I can show you. Read the front of the bill. What does it say? Flip it over now and read the back. What does that side say? If you can read the bill than you can read in English (other than the Latin motto's). That means English is the official language of this country because why on earth would any country print it's money in a language other than it's official language.

This is the "You speak the language your check comes in" rule. Mexican money is written in Spanish and that is their official language, up to the Euro all European countries printed their money in their language as well. China's money is written in Chinese, the same holds true for Japan and Korea.

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The voice may have been silenced but the message is stil coming through loud and clear.

Thank You Andrew you will be missed greatly.

To your family and friends I send you my best wishes ans prayers at this time.

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I have been going to this site for the past 5 years. This is so sad as Andrew was such a strong voice for Conservatives. My thoughts and prayers for his family and friends.

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Why don't you do both and just print it out on toilet paper to begin with.

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Thats nothing Ben. There is even a better example of the hypocrisy from both Muslims and Obama. Here is a video of them finding out Pakistanis have been removing Korans by putting them in the sewer full of human waste.


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Yeah Chrissy is just upset because her book sales for her book about JFK are better than his book sales for his book about JFK. Don't worry Chris one day you can come clean about all the "favors" you did for Obama and people might want to read about it.