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test comment!

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Mero test comment ho yo.

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Hi Bir, thank you for your email. I felt that I couldn't really relate to people with my comments here. Seeing how I may have taken the wrong approach, I decided to do my homework first.

The main principles and values that I have been growing up with and have learned so far in my life were being questioned. I thought politics would be a great firestarter, but instead it was more like a lightning. It happened and it was loud, but then gone, nothing substantial!

I take great pride in being a human. We have an understanding of not just me but also "us".

I know that I dont not know nearly enough about anything. I am contantly learning, I think we all are. :)

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Malai kina ho afno comment firta lina nai uchit lagyo.

Hajur ko comment ko lagi dhanyabad.

Aja maile Freedom of Speech bhaneko kati mahatwa purna huncha bhanne kura thaha paye :D

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Yaha mero comment mahatwahin feel garera delete gareko chu.

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You seem to be using Internet Explorer 6. Your browser is 8 years old! You should upgrade to a newer/better browser. If you have limited system resources, Google chrome is pretty lightweight.

Download Google Chrome here –

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Your welcome. Glad I could help.

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Hi cRIS,

If your user name is already taken I don't think you can have it. That wouldn't be fair to the current user. I suggest you to register using a unique user name and changing you profile settings to show "cRIS" instead of your real name.

I hope this helps.

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Haha... I hope that's a good thing!

In IE I have noticed that after giving an error it often strips the UTF-8 encoding and spits the comment back into the form. Result? Useless comments with "?" for every character!

काफल गेठी कुटुक्कलाउँ है माया सुटुक्क!! -- I second that :)

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Hi Uttam, there are no known issues with Opera 10. It should work just fine. Can you please try submitting a Nepali comment. Thanks.

Tested on: Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 6.1; U; en) Presto/2.2.15 Version/10.01