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If they are serious about understanding the root of terrorism, the FBI should hire Stephen Coughlin. He knew so much about the koran, the suras and the hadiths that the Pentagon fired him.

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Real Montanans wouldn't do what this jackhammer did. Regrettably, too many libs have been moving into the state and trying to re-mold it to their twisting liking. Kind of like what Robert Redford and his ilk are doing in Colorado.

I have family in MT that are doing all they can to elect real Americans.

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Great discussions but Rob Nelson is too full of himself and shows no respect for the others on the panel. Passion is one thing, rudeness is quite another.____I would have liked to hear more from both Goodman and Shapiro, whom I found to be far more interesting.

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Rest in Peace, Andrew and thank you, Mr. Gomert, for your words commending a valiant patriot.

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I am stunned at this heartbreaking loss. Condolences to Andrew's family, friends and colleagues, especially, but also to America. You will always be a BIG hero in our fight for America.

Too soon, Andrew. Rest in Peace.

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Komen will refund them on request.
I'm glad I hadn't yet made my donation!

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I saw earlier today that Komen will refund donations made IF requested.

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I think they (this Administration) just opened a can of something they won't want to deal with.

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":The more choices you have, the more freedoms you have."
Now Juan, apply that school choice logic to Obamacare and all the other socialist policies the left loves so much.

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obviously a fraudulent 1star paulbot rating.
Word of caution - it's very obvious that the only one stars are from folks who haven't attempted to read the book.