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The real "Death Panels" were the insurance company execs who denied coverage to anyone with a pre-existing condition, or priced those people out of the market. The new line that the government is "forcing" them to make changes is just more insurance company public relations rot. They have constantly changed over the years to get higher deductibles and premiums, while tightening the purse strings on what they paid doctors and hospitals. The insurance game is a license to print money, with PT Barnum fleecing the rubes.

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A company will pay a worker exactly what it must pay him or her, and not a penny more. Worth has nothing to do with it. Every time there is a call for raising the minimum wage or any other form of worker benefit, the companies howl that they will be driven out of business. Somehow they survive. Miracles, I guess.

Then when you get too old, and your salary and benefits have risen over the years, a kid comes along with a starter degree who is willing to do it for less, then you are suddenly expendable. Hit the bricks.

You have graduated from burger flipping at McD to being in middle management to being a greeter at Wal-Mart.

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Never had this kind of weird weather until they started shootin' them bows and arrows.

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The parking garage would be paid for by drivers who pay a nominal fee (that means small price) every time they use it over the next 25 years. Basic economics.

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We will get to single-payer eventually, Judy. The free-market attempt failed by pricing its care out of the market, turning those customers who couldn't help boost their profit margin over to government-funded Medicare and the military Tri-Care socialist plan. Those who carry on so about guaranteed insurance coverage for all apparently have never been screwed by an insurance company. Even with single-payer, an individual would STILL be able to purchase more private insurance. Having lived in a socialized health care country for a while, I can attest that it works.

To try and equate national health care with North Korea is moronic.

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The tea bagging to which I refer is the symbolic wearing of dangling tea bags on the hats, vests and other garments of the members of the Tea Party, a loudmouthed Republican right-wing group that is nationwide in scope. The tea bags are worn as a reference to the Boston Tea Party. It is their freedom of expression to do so. Why do you find that offensive? If tea baggers object, then they should stop waving their tea bags at the television cameras during their protests. You may want to censor the term, but it is totally accurate and fair game for criticism.

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Pam Howard and the rest of the school district needs to understand that Boss Reed and her tea-bagging Bible posse are now in charge. Opposition will not be tolerated.

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Correction, Lady Liberty. Boss Reed and her evangelical gang are already running our schools.

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I think it is interesting that since the ACA was first proposed, the Republicans have refused to cooperate by setting up the needed exchanges, etc., and instead doing everything in their power to ruin or block it, even after it became law of the land.

Now they howl that it doesn't work perfectly, as if they have had no hand in gumming up the works. Typical low-information tea bagger logic.

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Boss Reed and her School Board posse approve of starving them if they don't pay cash on the barrelhead, no matter what poor excuse those worthless children offer. Next step will be to make the kids who can't pay dress in pink coveralls. Does this school have a principal who lets kids go hungry?