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Socialism, besides being a failed concept, is evil. Obama is a socialist at the very least, if not an closet communist. Obama=socialist=evil. It's a very simple human equation Larry.

"If Obama is evil, what does this make those who support his agenda?"

Supporters of evil.

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Jihad Watch covered this topic many times, for years, eloquently. No one listened then, they aren't listening now.

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Does a Hamas puppet giving us the double “finger” mean the same thing to them as it does to us? Oh yeah, right, stupid question, of course it does.

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I'm angry at Mr. Obama's delusion in closing Gitmo. I believe he will lead the United States into a Muslim's dream, dhimmitude.

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"The criminals left Naomi unconscious and in critical condition"

They beat her to a pulp. Goddamn animals!

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Yes it is GG. I’ve often wondered how people get the notion of “unity and peace” from a book with so much hatred. More so for Islam knowing he was Christian at one time. It begs a question, how does one give up the grace of Christ for a psychopathic warlord? It’s got to be either poor reading skills or mental illness.

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“The very first lesson that I learnt from the Qur'an was the message of unity and peace.” –Yusuf Islam

He must have skipped a few verses, or pages.

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That was beautiful my Friend. If only you were the President's speech writer. (sigh)

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Hello sonofwalker, I would so love to join you and your group in Vancouver, at least once, but Houston is a long way away.

And, by the way, congratulations on your recent blog "insult" award. I remember the article that won it.

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The original question? So what? Hitler was democratically elected too, and we know how that turned out.