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I knew Obama was a Marxist two years before he was elected president; it was blatantly obvious! I knew it unequivocally, intuitively. I must admit I knew nothing about him prior to his decision and announcement that he would seek the office. Why is it so difficult for sane, intelligent conservatives to openly admit the obvious? Why do people who should know better continue to mumble incoherently when asked if they think Obama is a communist? Personally, I have much more respect for people who are willing to tell the truth, even if telling the truth invites a barrage of left-wing fury and asinine accusations. The left will never admit what they are because they can't be honest and achieve their goals. They are disingenuous liars who use cliches, sugar-coated canards, and double speak to 'express' themselves. The word 'progressive' is a euphemism for socialist/communist and as we all should know by now, socialism is merely a stepping stone to communism. For those fools who still believe that there is some form of benevolent communism, God help you.

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The "learned" islamic analysts in America consist of lying islamic clerics and politically correct, useful idiot academics. When are the people we pay to protect us going to do their jobs and learn the truth about islam, and then do something about the five million muslims we have stupidly allowed to invade our country? When will the news media do their jobs and report the truth about islam instead of the palliative, feel good, human interest crap they call "news", like "why do muslimas wear hijabs" and "jihad means personal struggle".

But what am I thinking?! If 9/11 wasn't enough to ditch the facade and the multicultural mantras, nothing will be enough. I guess we're going to play and pretend forever that islam is "just a religion" like Christianity and muslims are normal, harmless people who are wrongly persecuted by racist Americans. Denial is such a useless state of mind. It does not provide real comfort or security and it will never evolve into anything positive. The people who are supposed to make it their business to identify and understand our enemies are either clueless, liars, or constrained by cultural Marxism. Considering what's at stake, that is unconscionable.

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I'm so glad somebody else said it besides me! I'm referring to the fact that whites comprise less than 10% of the global population and are a genuine minority, unlike the hordes of third world immigrants that pour into the West. This fact has been a source of immense resentment to me as I watch dozens of disparate "minority" groups competing for special privileges and perks in America at my expense. I AM SICK OF ERSATZ "MINORITIES"! I am sick of unwanted, third world immigrants flooding my country and demanding a free ride at the expense of hard-working American taxpayers. That includes the Somali "refugees", the millions of illegal Mexicans, the millions of parasitical muslims, and all the others. And as they come by the millions, our incompetent, stupid politicians enact more and more legislation granting them special rights, special benefits, special programs designed to empower and enrich them while we are lectured about racism, intolerance, and bigotry. It is maddening!

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They love allah more than they love their children, and rightly so! After all, he allows them to kill their children with impunity.

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What's really amazing is that you never know what Muslims really think.

Muslims rarely think. They react and emote on cue like programmed robots. A muslim cannot have a conversation or discussion without predicating every "thought" or thesis on islam. Islam is central to everything a muslim does or says. When muslims say that islam is a complete way of life, they aren't kidding. Islamic life is so narrow, regulated, and insular that muslims cannot function in a normal, secular environment. Of course, some manage to escape its suffocating limitations and strictures but in most cases, the guilt and shame overwhelm them. That's when those "nice" "normal" muslims become ticking time bombs.

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n that quote, he's using the word in its unofficial sense, which comes off smelling silly and juvenile.

He sounds like a pompous ass to me.

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It could have been a man under the shrouds, even an imam. Or maybe it was Ibrahim Hooper in drag, or one of his ACLU stooges itching for a confrontation with a knuckle-dragging redneck. The last time I encountered a muslim (they're scarce around here, thank God), it was in the mall. I went to the ladies room and there was a muslim man standing in front of the door, like he was blocking it. He had a scowl on his face and was very nervous. I ignored him, stepped around him, and pushed the door open. When I did, he stepped inside and loudly called out to someone, presumably his wife. I told him to get the hell out of the ladies room or I would call security. I did not see anyone else while I was inside and when I left, he was walking back with a female mall employee. It's a shame when a woman can't visit the ladies room without her husband calling in the cavalry to drag her out.

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How does killing this girl cleanse the family honor if a family member raped and impregnated her? Maybe it was a maternal relative who raped her but if so, who's going to cleanse the honor of that family, or were both families "cleansed" in one fell swoop? I guess her death exonerates the rapist of any wrong doing and his "honor" is also cleansed. Everyone knows that all rapes are the victim's fault so I guess the poor rapist has suffered enough already.. Does it get any sicker than this? Well, actually it does, but one can digest only so much malevolent islamic filth in one sitting.

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The court will not believe her story and will probably send her home to be murdered or shipped back to her God-forsaken homeland to be tortured, raped, and killed. Judges seem to be among the most ignorant of islam's malevolence and its archaic, cruel, paternalistic dogma and culture. Yes, it is very difficult to believe the hideous truth about islam but as judges well know, the unthinkable, unimaginable, and unbelievable are harsh realities in our world, albeit often hidden from public scrutiny. ..This girl is a minor, a non-citizen, and an unwilling member of a protected and coddled "victimized" minority group. I am not very optimistic that our legal system will save her from the clutches of her devout muslim family, who are demons in my opinion, but paragons of holy multiculturalism in some circles. What's another honor killing to them? Multiculturalism is more important than the life of one girl.

I expect the court to dismiss with contempt any suggestion that her family would do her harm because that is unacceptable and illegal in a civilized society.. In America, people do not murder their children for changing their religion. Western values and morals will be projected on people who despise and reject them in favor of islamic standards, with a young girl's life hanging in the balance.

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Can anyone offer an explanation as to why the "evil white oppressors" in Europe and America were foolish enough to inflict this insanity upon themselves? To what lengths will evil whites go to assuage their collective guilt? It scares the hell out of me to ponder that rhetorical question.