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Sgt.Cupp can easily be lead astray by Muslims. We all remember only to well that it is the duty of every good Muslim to engage in the practice of taquiya, and kitman when dealing with the infidel.

I'm sorry but I am inclined to not trust the parent on this over their 17 year old daughters concern for her safety. The horror of so-called honor killings is growing steadily in America over the past years and the courts and police need to devlop an understanding of these horrific practices within the Muslim world.

It must not be ignored!!!

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This is a little out there, but if at 17 she gets no protection from the courts, if I was her I would ask for support to join the US Military,either the Air Force,Marines or what have you --you are automatically emancipated at 17 in the military in my understanding.

Do we have any former military here that can comment on this suggestion?

Though Imans and clerics will try to say it is non existent in the Quran many experts say there are several hadiths as well as surahs in the Qu'ran that speak to this --see surah 9:11 and surahs 4:86 thru 4:88. This ugly and warped truth of this practice by Muslims continues to rear its head in America,2933,391531,00.htm...

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At one point this politically correct, multicultural crap has begun to show the blind leading the blind. The only redeeming point to be made is that the police know who the instigators are if even much of the rest of the public is left in the dark by the state controlled media. Apparently the only safe words are Arabs, and black men and no doubt sooner or later that will become an issue as well.

Yep! If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck then it must be a chicken.

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If it is freedom of speech that is supposed to be a cornerstone of the ALA or for that matter any reputable American organization; what is there to fear from hearing the views of Robert Spencer on Islam? Can the ALA define there reasons for canceling the discussion?

I think there is still time for the ALA to redeem itself and make a noble effort to recast a new discussion on “Perspectives on Islam: Beyond the Stereotyping” so that they may once again demonstrate that they do believe in freedom of speech.

If the previous decision is left to stand then it will remain a stark example of an organization lacking in the ability to support the greatest value this nation has stood firm on for more than 220 years--"The first amendment to the US Constitution"

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And to think there are people in our US Government that want us to stop using the word "jihad"--why? So that we might not worry our little heads about it, and not associate it with an act committed in the name of Islam so as not to offend Muslims.

Would you prefer to call them "man made disasters" as Janet Napolitano does--in my estimation that would be a foolish mistake--does that make me a Islamophobic right wing fanatic or should there be another name for me so that I won't be offended?

By the way 7 out of the last 10 articles on jihadwatch use jihad in their titles---boy I guess where in real trouble now with Janet Napolitano and the hide the real truth culture in Washington.

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Of course groups like Hizb Al-Tahrir revered the aspirations of Hitler, admired his book Mein Kampf and whole heartedly believe everything written in the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Quran's Jihad Doctrine reflects the same driving force as did the third Reich with the exception that it all comes disguised as a religion, thus are ignorant appeasing dhimmi behavior becomes our Trojan Horse.

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The Cambridge incident clearly sent a disturbing message to America's law enforcement personal. Obama once again demonstrated how he fails to not think on his feet as police are required to do in an instant in the interest of safety.

Did Obama look at the facts before calling the Cambridge police officers, and Sgt Crowley stupid ? NO!. Did Obama give any thought to the fact that Sgt. Crowley followed his training in interacting with Professor Gates while in the residence with him? NO! Professor Gates went on television berating Sgt.Crowley for following him into his kitchen--Sgt. Crowley having not fully established that Gates was the actual property owner would have violated his training had he let Gates walk away from him while still trying to confirm his identity. Sgt.Crowley tried to confirm Gates identity on his radio but could not hear a response do to Gates continuously yelling at him. The arrest came only after Gates continued his verbal attacks on Sgt.Crowley outside the resident as other officers and witnesses observed his behavior in public-- But of course President Obama had already established his opinion of the Cambridge police without any facts on the incident.

It speaks to us in volumes that this President is not above pre-judgement without knowing the facts---Police officers cannot afford such luxuries in their daily work.

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"Yes, we should look into the school, and once we realize it isn't doing anything illegal we should stop looking into it, because after that point it becomes "looking to start trouble."

Oh boy we certainly wouldn't want to start any trouble in protecting this nation would we Mr. Mackay!!

But then I would expect no less from a Muslim convert who probably spends his days in a basement in Queens.

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As one commenter pointed out:

"Mosque, and madrasses in America, are Islams version of US Aircraft Carriers"

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Please refer to my comment below. My point being in it is that in the modern world that Muslims live in today it is virtually impossible to avoid contact with alcohol either in working products, or food products either naturally or in the use of preservatives.

Given the overwhelming presence of alcohol in some manner or another in the modern world it appears frankly quite silly to refuse to use the hand cleaner.