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Seriously? They still have not updated or given us a photo of the winner? Monica! We miss you and your love! Rest that baby bump well.

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Although I get the twist about tying the name to this years Dream Home, I am more partial to traditional names. But Kia, Indigo, or Parke could be cute middle names for the little one. Does anyone know the name of Monica's Husband? I am horrible with searching the Internet so although I could probably find "a" Monica's husbands name, it would be the wrong one! lol

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Personally I do not mind if someone might post something that happens to not be true, or even if they don't delete it after the fact. When you should worry about posts being deleted by HGTV *because* they are true! Like two years ago when that nasty neighbor came on the blog and spilled the beans about the winner. Of course he also posted personal information and their address.

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Well I have to give HGTV props this year for keeping such a tight lid on the winner and give away this time around! I was doing good and even finished my grieving process for not being the winner this year, but then I just had to come back to the blogs and now I'm dreaming again! ack! Is it really still possible that they have not notified the winner? Is it really still possible they could be coming to my little town!? Even if I do not get to know who won until March 15th a post stating that the winner has been contacted would ease this creeping feeling of anticipation! Anything!?

I also wanted to send out a big congratulations for Monica and her Husband for their wonderful news of a new addition to the family! It is always such a joyous occasion having a new baby around! I also agree with the other bloggers to please stay with HGTV, I am sure they will accommodate anything you will want or need with being able to keep the little one in tow with you!

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I noticed the same thing, but today after I let the entry page load I noticed a sentence that said, "It looks like you've done this before, would you like to enter as (me)?" I clicked the link and it filled it all in an instant. :) Hope this helps.

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It has begun! This is going to be so exciting again and now I can lay off of the facebook games and spend all my free time at HGTV looking at this house! haha I can't wait to see the eye rolling and "not again" sighs from the other half... but maybe this year I will enter him too and make him a true believer!

I was tempted to look at the house and tours before the sweep began but for some reason I have made it my own personal tradition to learn about the house after I have entered my name into the drawing, so here I go! Good luck everyone!

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Oh! muahaha my computer misread the code... its back to normal now...

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I just popped in to see whats going on and I guess I picked a bad time to do laundry and yard work today! 70 deg who could resist!? Went over to the winner one and read you went through some crazy mean comments, sorry to hear that bee. But I went to comment that I was glad I missed the crazy mean stuff and that people had to be logged into intense debate and the comments were disabled! Wholly smokes.. I though it was because of another winner leak!

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I dont know.. I would probably be awake until the week of April for the shooting of the winner in the home! At the very least I would be awake until March 17th when I could Finally! spill the beans to my mother lol!