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Thanks for the update. Your blog has the best coverage of these events of any I've been following.

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I guess you have to sink to these lows when you don't have Scripture with which to defend your views. I remember once a few years ago when I was taking a road trip through Michigan. I was scrolling through the radio stations and found a Christian talk radio station. On it, they were discussing Calvinism, which peaked my interest. They were abusing the Scriptures to show that man has free will and that God was 'trying' to save all, etc. They were wrong, but fair, I thought. Well, I thought I was listening to an Evangelical radio station, but as it turn out, it was Ave Maria Roman Catholic radio. I was shocked! That really made me think about the closeness between Romanists and Evangelicals (in certain areas).

Anyhow, I guess if anti-christ finds your doctrine as public enemy #1, you must be on the path of truth. Keep up the good fight of faith, my friend!

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Obama is backing away from this statement, but you'll note from the following link that the President and the NASA Administrator were talking about these new plans as far back as February 16 (two weeks after the administration killed our space exploration program).

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Very helpful rundown. Thanks.

I missed a few of these topics this last week.