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You are exactly right. All this has done is given our youth another method to excuse irresponsibility. What bothers me about this is that it further undermines the authority of parents. However, it is also a symptom of the lack of communication between children and their parents. I would like to hope that my husband and I are building the kind of relationship with our children that will allow them to come to us either before they would get into a situation like this or after.

We are raising a society of children that are hungry for the easy way out of everything. I think this more than anything else is a good reason to continue to fight for our Republic.

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I think there is a lot more than meets the eye with this story. At the moment, I am only an Accounting major. However, I can say that investigations by the SEC and DOJ would be more than enough to drive an honest accountant to suicide.....especially if that accountant was being forced to be dishonest. From what I have read of Kellerman's history, he has been a part of the accounting department in of Freddie Mac since 1992 in a variety of capacities. That leads me to believe that he knows the inner workings of years of "creative" accounting.

The reason Barney Frank and Chris Dodd wouldn't be driven to suicide under the same pressure? They are not honest in any shape of the word...and I think they firmly believe that they are destined to simply get away with everything they've done.

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This is disconcerting, however, I do have to give GM kudos for doing something to attempt to cut their costs. However, this shuttering is just a short term fix for a long term problem. Until the UAW loosens their grip on the auto industry, this is going to be an ongoing story. Bankruptcy will only work for GM if the contracts with the UAW are wiped out completely. At that point, GM would be wise to completely avoid the Union and work to hire and train any able-bodied person willing to build cars.

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It is reassuring that more and more Democrats are questioning the actions of this Administration. The movements are coming faster and faster, and of late are becoming even more political. What the real reason for the flipping on investigating the Bush Administration is, I am not sure. However, I will say that if it continues on this path, President Obama may regret this decision. I believe that we may end up seeing more of his cabinet move away from him. Knowing how far from the Constitution this Administration has moved us, is there any member of his cabinet that could be safe from the precedent that such investigations could set? I think not. If President Obama continues on this path, there may yet be a real argument for removal from office.

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I have heard that before. Crazy volcano. It's about time we started taxing them.

See this is exactly why we cannot do anything that will ultimately "punish" humans. Are we causing the volcano to erupt? Goodness. Thanks for the info, Dave. :)

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Actually, President Bush also shook Chavez' hand. Immediately afterward, Chavez resorted to name calling. It was just as wrong then as it is now. Chavez has no regard for his own people, and I am beginning to think that neither does Obama.

Using the argument that because one person did it it's alright for another to do it is irrational as well as childish. Obama was supposed to bring "change" to Washington. Doing what other leaders (including Obama's favorite, Bush) did doesn't exactly illustrate "change".

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As I said in another post, Mexico must be left to fight their own battles. We must do our part on our side of the border to keep guns and money from going that way and keep drugs from coming this way. Mexico must do their part on the border to make sure drugs stop coming this way and guns and money stay on this side.

It has to be a joint effort, but with each of us worrying about our own problems.

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President Obama is setting a precedent with this one. Now, he must do this with all religious symbols or face the possibility of continued ridicule. If it is the case that he wanted it covered up because of what is was, and not because it was not his normal backdrop, then we have a serious problem.

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Absolutely we should just get on with it. That should have been what was done way before "bailout" became Washington's favorite word. GM simply has a failed business model, and the greatest thing about a bankruptcy filing would be the rewriting of Union contracts. At some point, the Union is simply going to have to take some punches and admit some fault. It should say something to us all when the Union's books are fine, but GM's are a mess. The sooner GM files bankruptcy, the sooner they will get back on their feet. Dragging it on is only causing more bills and more mess.

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What is actually causing ice melting is obviously still a debatable idea. There is credible evidence for both arguments. You would think that the environmentalists would realize that the Earth is a living, breathing organism of sorts and is capable of it's own change. The ice on Antarctica may actually be shifting all on its own. What if our drive to "cool" the Earth actually does it more harm than good? Science on either side of the argument cannot simply be left to its own devices. There must be actual data that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt causes and effects.

The human race continues to suffer accusations without definitive proof, and now it is about to cost us all money. We are being sentenced for a crime it hasn't even been proven that we committed.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am all about conservation and finding alternative energy sources. However, I think it simply makes good market and business sense to give consumers more options, and I want my grandchildren to know what a tree is. We really need to push politicians that care more about common sense than being politically correct.