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YEAYYYYY unfortunatly its only a NES game... i zas gonna get Ocarina of time since im a relativly new gamer ^^ i dont know if its the flash player or just me but ive been able do log pn into facebook after the update. Oh and what really annoyed me is that the update came the day after i bought the internet channel :'(

P.S : im commenting on my wii YEAYYYY

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Yeah I heard the noise a second time too, maybe Andrew (I think it's him who edits the podcast.... :$ sorry) probably cut it out (if someone can do that) so it doesn't interupt the podcast again, since everytime the cast record a p'cast they always want to make it a short one !! (and fail miserably ; sorry but it's true ... :/)

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Oh yeahh alot of variety in this tracklist. i've already got gh5 preordered !! (with GH4 free i might add Jipieh !!) I like the fact coldplay is in this !! and I'm looking forward to playing some kiss and elton john (that sounds weird) but this tracklist made me optomistic and with the videos i've seen, im getting to think this might be the best gh game on the wii yet !!

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I really disagree about Ian's view on the canoïng and Cycling in wii sports, cycling might not be the best way to show off the wii motion plus, but when i brought WSR to my friend's house, we tried all the games, and finally we decided to try cycling after ONM's bad rating (official nintendo magazine from the UK) we probably spent more time on that game then all the other games ! and for canoing, it really shows off the motion plus attachement, face it, you couldn't do that with the old wiimote !! but it's everybody's opinion, and i just wanted to share mine with the world :] great podcast btw even if it's a bit old, oh and for that weird space ship thing that interupted the podcast (just kidding ;D) your just lucky that doesn't happen everyday at 6 oclock in the morning, i live in thepath of a military air school :(

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Oh MY Gosh!! That thing is a bit to jiggly!!

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OOOHHHH!!! This gets me excited!! ^^ Defo' Buying this!!

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What is the locker room suppose to be? This definitly isn't getting me exited, should be DLC...

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1st Comment!

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