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Mike --- Good morning and Happy New Year. I haven't been posting, nor reading KOMO...but I just gotta say now that I'm here.....please review YOUR comment here (on Jan 2nd) and those you wrote about Officer Nelson (on Jan 5th & 6th). BOTH of the stories are sad --- BOTH men were fathers, BOTH men were someone's precious child, BOTH men served the BOTH cases, something obviously went horribly wrong!!! Please take a look in the mirror, look inward @ the misplaced anger in your heart -- BEFORE you post. I sometimes feel that your comments are heartless as well, but you are human; I have made some comments which are heartless, I am human. BOTH Mr. Barnes and Officer Nelson were human and made mistakes. For some reason, you are judgmental to ALL of Seattle PD and this astounds me since you seem to be fairly reasonable and willing to be fair @ other times, on other subjects. No Mike, I don't know anyone personally who is a Seattle PD officer. However, as the family member and friend to cops in other jurisdictions, I'm quite saddened by the attitude. Do you think maybe that despite Officer Nelson's poor decisions of late...he may have done some good during his 20 year service as a cop? Just wearing the uniform made him a target, just as it was for Ranger Margaret Anderson. BTW, have you seen the article (posted 2.5 hours ago) about the unnamed WSP trooper who probably saved the suicidal woman's life -- perhaps if he had not come along and pulled her to safety, her family would be sadder than they already are.....hmm, what if he used to be an SPD officer, would your opinion of him or SPD change? Mike, I wish you a good day and a Happy New Year. I am not trying to be argumentative with you, I'm asking you to think about how and what you say, and how it affects others.

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Don't know why you got so many TDs either; probably because you brought up the issue none of us want to imagine. Being murdered is tragic enough, but by someone you know is unspeakable. In this case, does NOT appear to be in the "usual" cause (domestic violence, relationship break-up, etc). I speculate this is a "mercy" killing, as she was said to have cancer, and he could not or did not want to continue life without her.

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Based upon the articles I have read (more than just KOMO), the bicyclist was already dead. The factor which appears to have caused an increased reaction of guilt, and the accelerated action, was the fact that the pickup driver and the bicyclist knew one another. They had been celebrating the bicyclist's 21st birthday. Perhaps alcohol consumption clouded judgment and had a bearing on the decision to suicide as well. It almost sounds like the driver had gotten out of the truck, realized he killed someone he knew, then called a friend to tell him/her about the accident; more than one news site reports this. So how else would the media have the accounts of : 1) verification the bicyclist had died upon impact or shortly thereafter (since the driver stopped immediately), 2) driver shooting himself upon discovery that he struck the guy he had been partying with earlier. Just my speculation.
How horribly sad for the family and friends of the bicyclist and the driver.

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He has other issues in addition to FOX news. I've "done battle" with Andy in the past because I have posted comments in support of LEOs, which lures him into attack mode. After I disclosed that I felt some loyalty towards them as I have family and friends who are cops, he followed me around on a couple of stories just so he could argue with me. That's why I have given up and won't post replies to him; there's no reasoning with him, no intelligent exchange of opinion, just hostility and negativity. Oh, in addition to generalizing about cops, he "accused" me of being white, a Teabagger and a Christian. The vitriolic tone implied these categories were criminal or something of equal magnitude.

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Thankfully, it appears that KOMO may be responding to forum users' complaints. I was reading the comments earlier and some of the really ugly, nasty ones from 'Andy Blue' disappeared via "deletion by administrator". : )

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Hello OV --- re: your 1st sentence, "how was he or she able to discharge the weapon so many times"? The story indicates ONE shot was fired.

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Thanks, you are sweet. Have a great evening.

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I heard they arrested him for brandishing a "dead" weapon.

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"Girls, girls, girls".

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Hand over the Benjamin --- "trust me, I know". The video shows her hands multiple times, her nails are short and not appear to even have clear nail polish on them.