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I don't celebrate Memorial Day, but have a good weekend! =)

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I love it when you update, Becca. In a totally non-stalkerish way, rofl. =)

I hope that Michelle and Chris move closer to you soon; being away from your family is really awful. The bathing suit looks gorgeous, and good on you for wearing it - I'm sure you looked fantastic. *tries not to be jealous* I could never pull it off, seriously.

House hunting sounds like a complete drainer. Thank god I don't have to do that yet!

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That picture of Addie is beautiful, Becca.

I can't wait to hear all about Eli's adventures at school.. he is going to kick so much butt, seriously! =)

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I'm actually two days late by Aussie time, but let's ignore that and move right along to how stupendous that blog post was. One day, when Elias reads that, he is going to think 'I have the most awesome Mum in the world' - and he'll be right.

That was beautiful Becca, truly. It brought tears to my eyes, and I'm glad that Elias had such a wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday Elias, and may there be many, many more. =)

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Aw, those little people are adorable, Becca. I bet Eli's party is going to be awesome after all the work you and Jason are putting into it. Speaking of Eli, he looks awfully happy on that bed, rofl. ;)

I actually just got back from a friend's house. My ex-boyfriend's best friend, actually, heh. It's nowhere near as awkward as it sounds. We played Wii Sports all night, and most of this morning; I'd never played before, and was surprised at how awesome it was.

Oh, also? I read the Zombiefighter excerpt that you posted, and really enjoyed it. I can't wait to buy the book and read the whole thing, all the way through! Every time I read it, I fall in love with your characters and your writing; you have a flair for pulling the readers right into the moment.

So, yes. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend, and I hope you get some (much needed, from the sounds of it) rest. =) See you later.

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Quickly, before I run to class:

1) Michelle looks fantastic, and the treasure chest shot was adorable. I love her shoes!

2) Aldi's is an amazing invention; when I lived with my boyfriend, we did most of our shopping there.

3) Your children are gorgeous, really. I just want to hug them, heh.

4) Thank you for letting me hang out on your virtual couch! It was fun. =)

I've missed commenting here, you know. I really love reading the discussion that goes on when you post something, and I -hate- it when I don't get to comment, rofl. I promise I'm not a stalker.

See you later! *wave*

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Poor Addie. =(

I burn really easily too - it sucks. If it makes you feel any better, my Mum let all of my siblings get burnt when they were in Dromana, and my brother's girlfriend! She felt awful too, but mistakes do happen. What's important is how you handle them, you know? And it sounds like you're doing a great job.

You might want to consider moisturising the area where she's burned repeatedly. Try to use unscented moisturiser; it really helps my skin when I'm burnt. Also: cold bath. Best thing ever invented. Really helps to bring temperatures down, too.

Good luck, Becca, and I hope Addie feels better soon.

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I hate missing out on stuff that my little sisters are doing.. since I moved out of home it seems like I miss everything. On the flipside, it IS a lot of fun listening to them tell me stuff. But yeah, I feel your pain (kind of).

I hope Jason and Elias have fun at the snow! Sounds like you and Becky Jo are going to have heaps of fun, too. Hopefully the weekend is as fun for you all as it sounds. =)

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Ah, I see how something like that would put being sick into perspective. Best wishes for your friend; I hope her treatment goes well. Did you end up putting together a care package for her?

I was thirteen when the girls were born (you have access to pictures of them on Flickr, as a friend), and I have two younger brothers as well; one is three years younger than me, and the other is six years younger.

Because I was dealing with major issues at school and issues regarding my mental health, it was -really- easy for me to just stay home and help Mum (she was a single Mum, and has been for most of my life) with the kids.

I guess that's why I relate to your posts in not-quite-a-mum-way but more than an older sister way, if you get what I'm saying. I love my siblings to death, and have always been jointly responsible for them, so I feel like a second Mum!

Anywho. Short question, long answer; what can you do? ;)

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That's really cute, Becca. A lot of the time when my sisters were younger and I took them places with my Mum, I ended up in similar situations, so I know the feeling you're talking about. It's so gorgeous to see the effect that simple words can have on a kid on any person for that matter).

Also: I am -so- glad that you're back, but not so glad that your weekend away didn't go as planned. I love the way you handle things like that, though - like you know that things will work out in the end, and you seem to have that unwavering faith that things will be okay, eventually. It's a good trait to have. =)

See you later, Becca.