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Good luck!

I don't know if I could give up diet coke.. it's my one enjoyment on weight watchers (point free).

Be strong - you will save heaps of money!

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Lipgloss on her eyelids? lol.. so cute!

I'm happy for you guys, especially Elias, to be going to a birthday party - bring on the mummy groups! You guys will have fun!

If you make that castle cake I so want a photo! That'd be an awesome cake!

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Nice job! I'd be scared!

Now you've done it, if the problem arises again you'll have no worries!

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Wow... that places looks beautiful! I'm happy you guys could sort something out!

The story of that little girl really does make you look at your own life and makes you wonder why such little things seem such big issues to us.

I'd love to adopt a child one day. When I have some money to look after them.

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Aaw sweetie. You deserve a break!

Money is the biggest relationship tester & ruiner! I'm not married but have been with my man 5 yrs, & we fight about money that we don't even share! lol.

I definitely agree on the cooking for you part, but I'm female. I think if your man agreed to cook once a week it'd make a huge difference. I'm hoping to get that instilled in my relationship. I know the men work. But geez! You have to do washing & potty training - it's so equal!

I'm sure you guys are happy again & I hope you do manage to get away!

Much love.