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this from the same people who tooted their horn so loud about one race won but neglected to adress the two they lost...both by huge numbers...
I commend Mr. Clary for admitting he voted for obomassiah... I just hope when his entire house of cards, smoke and mirrors come crashing down will those who supported him still think they are right. Will they continue to view the lies and misdirected information oboma has spewed and skewed still believe what he has and is sayiny is true. What about the 10.2% unemployment...the great one promised that it would not reach 8.5%...The skimulus would put America back to work...the bailout would save government motors...what about the stockholders that were told their invedstments of 30years would not be endangered...How much of your money are you willing to give to people having babies for a living...I will not say more as I am getting ready to throw up...IF you really continue to support him then YOU are one of the problems with this country...

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The insurance vs oboma is just another "crisis" that obomassiah wants to twist into his spin to ram this down our throats...They both are ignoring the one fact that controls them both, like you stated..Us, We the people...IF we do not stand and force our side of this down their throats, we will be stuck with what both of these 800 lb gorillas in the room serve us...more crap and telling us it is steak!!! covering a kagillion illigals, and get no help fixing the real problem...NO compitition from the ins. industry...IF we could search the country for a carrier I bet the industry would start giving better coverage and better price...sounds simple? opps I forgot...obomassiah wants to take over the insurance industry to add to his banking and car making empire....

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Makes one wonder? only if you have questions and doubts wether or not the rickety chair on the delapodated front porch will support the 800 lb gorilla while the rest of the people on the porch are saying what elephant in the corner...Rational people,... NOT those in they dems or pubs who are soooo long past having a clue as to what goes on in the REAL world...., KNEW from the get go that the whole fiasco was for no other reason that to give obomassiah and his union thugs (hereafter known as the foxes) control of the henhouse! Who is gonna scream foul if the foxes want more chicken to eat? the foxes in control? the foxes working the assembly lines? the foxes who get paid to sit in a room because their plant closed? who is going to cry foul? obomassiah? risk all the votes he paid for by saving their jobs? If I had done this in my business the FEDS would throw me under the jail and throw away the key...

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uhhh people... I ahhh want to thank this site for posting all of the lies....ahh tidbits that will help convince you suckers...ahh working fools....ahh taxpayers...(slaps the teleprompter real hard) that my stimulilating... ahhh stimulis is gonna help all of those living dead in the nursing homes...ahhhh the elderly and deadbeats in the project dwellers...I am going to rescue them from the wonderful life aaahhh welfare roundabout that I need them on to keep up their votes..ahhh er.. support...I may need to adjust how you live...control your every aspect...ahhh errr. give you choises on lifestyles....and as for you Christians and conservatives we will work to keep your liberties....ahhh errr stomp on your necks if you step out of line.....ahhhh err...speak your mind...gotta go my czars are needing to look at some more constitutional policy...ahh er...proclamations for the servants... ahh...underprivaledge...conservatives....ahhh you know what I mean.....wink wink

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sorry illigals should not be allowed to go to ANY school. I did not work hard for illigals to benefit from. If the liberals want to pay for her to go to school...western union can deliver THEIR money to mexico or any other mexican state. we as Americans should have many years ago revolted at the allowing in this country ANY illigals. My ancestors came to America learned ENGLISH. Learned ow to fit into the culture of this country. Added their own to the mix became citizens and became productive. Hers have sponged off of my accomplishments (and millions of other LEGAL residents) I know they worked hard. suffered, lived a spartan life. BUT they are still ILLEGAL! The idiots from inside the government should be held accountable for treason for damaging this country allowing the illegals to get like it has. ALL of them not just from mexico.

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the left knows that we are what we are...America....the greatest country in the world...the mightiest country ever...the most advanced...the safeist...the most noble...the best at sharing...the most humble in its people...for the most part...except for the handfull of politicians for the most part...those are the greedy, ignorant, arrogant, power-hungry...and ruthless lying sacks of buffalo droppings. careing about nobody but themselves...not even the destruction of this country fazes them.They are doing their best to destroy it. make us like the rest of the world...The left thinks they are so superior to EVERYBODY that they are the only ones able to think for the rest of us. even to the point of destroying America will they continue to lie, cheat, destroy, deny, kill, drown, you name it...anything to further their build an amerika in the image of all that is detestable in this world. hold it up and praise that which belongs in a sewer. show it off like a rose... scream that it smells wonderful and then condem anyone that calls what they hold up as long as we continue to allow politicians to run this country we will suffer...

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another case of the great deciever telling apathetic and ignorant to the truth amerikans what he wants them to hear and then hoping they will do the lemming dance for him. I am hoping the real Americans have waken from their stupor and decide that enough is enough. NOTHING the great deciever has done has worked...the cash fro clunkers...I am betting that many of these "deals" are going to be denied. There will be another forfiture. default. turn back in to the dealer...whatever. I also bet the dealerships are going to have a nightmare getting their money from oboma. I bet there will be scams discovered. Just remember... when he says lookie here!!!!!! be looking everywhere BUT where he is pointing!

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I am sure he has some with him standing with his foot on the neck of the former GM and Chrysler CEO's also some with his foot on the neck of the CEO's of many of the insurance and banking CEO' he is "shooting" for the healthcare CEO's...would make a fine wall of "trophies" even Hitler or Stalin would be envious...

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as for the SRM screaming that all of the town hall meeting are fakes...We all know who the real fakes are...the oboma administration that is running for its life now that the American public is finding out who oboma really is... the greatest deciever of the last 50 years...worse that bush... worse than clinton...worse than any of the iraqi / iranian dictators...they told us exactly what they plan to do...nobody has tried to dupe the American public like oboma.

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I am a Christian. Religion and those who practice their "religion " scare the heck out of me. If oboma succeeds in using priest and rabbis to drum up support, then the priest and rabbis will have to answer for their leaving the convictions of their teachings. I also heartly agree as to the "wall of separation" used to strip my freedom of speech, the "d" word is also true. but we as Americans need to stop the illusion that is oboma. He is doing everything he can to divide America using race as a card of first resort, along with prosperity. As long as we allow him to run amuck in our capital he WILL use the usless republican and democrat parties to keep a fog of stupidity covering the true agenda he is persuing...the making of America into a second rate third world country that should apologise to everybody in the world for raising the standard of living in the entire world...