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watching the news about the earthquake, and then with things in burma, made me feel so sad. i'm the sort of person who always wants to make everything better when things are bad, those sort of mass-scale disasters are just so grounding and terrible.

take care becca, i hope you feel cheered up soon <3

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you have such a way with words. death is such a hard issue to come to terms with, even though it really is just part of the cycle of life, it is not an easy thing to deal with. maybe elias has a friend who has had a death in the family? or has seen something on tv or in a book that made him think about it? i think it's really good how you're upfront and honest with him about it, it makes me all teary, especially the way he sounds so stoic and grown-up, watching tv to 'take his mind off things'.

i'm not sure if you got my last email? it's okay if you didn't have time to reply, i'm just ever-paranoid that it got lost along the way somewhere, heh.

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happy mother's day! it sounds like you had a great one. that card with the voice recordings sounds so sweet!

and that is exciting about michelle moving down so soon! you guys are going to have great adventures :D

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*tear* it's so touching the way you write these sweet messages for your family. happy birthday to jason :)

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i want to know the gossip! i can't wait! i love gossip! and exclamation marks!

also, i totally feel you about reading old journals. mine are completely cringe-worthy and i just want to go in a time machine so i can slap my sixteen-year-old self in the face and tell her to smarten up. of course she'd probably be horrified at the unadventurous life she's going to get in seven years, since back then my biggest ambition was to have a house with decor that included a coffin and fake cobwebs, heh. at the same time it is nice to have a record of what i was thinking and doing in my past adventures, it's funny all the little details that you forget with time.

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we're going to see iron man sometime this week i think. did jason enjoy it? it's totally a boys movie but i'm such a good girlfriend that i'm willing to have an evening being bored by explosions, seeing as i might even get some sugary junk food out of the deal ;p

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hey, you have comments now! consider me your official first comment tester :3 sorry to hear jason is under the weather, i hope he is feeling better soon. and i'm glad he wasn't fired! hehe. thanks for your super sweet email the other day, i'll write back to you very soon <3

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this was beautiful becca. happy birthday elias!

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the deku people look so cool! i've said it already but eli's birthday party sounds like so much fun!

we've spent the day cleaning for our house inspection next week. now i'm being lazy and watching gilmore girls... i've almost finished the 4th season and i have no more dvds. so i might watch a movie or something to stretch it out until i can borrow season 5, hehe. i've also become addicted to playing 'cooking mama 2' on my ds.

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whenever i wrote about sex in my writings i would do it in a 'less is more' kind of way... i like to think of it in a movie where they cut from the moment before to the morning after. i think you handled it well in that extract- just the right amount of details. ah, i can't wait to read it when you're done!