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If you have access to a swimming pool near you, I've found that swimming in the chemicals manages to remove a ton of self tanner as well.

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By standing still I assume you mean rehearsing the moves in place?

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I agree that it is only a two hour Hollywood movie but that Wired article that really brought it mainstream attention isn't that long and IS actually accurate. I enjoyed the movie but I was a little underwhelmed considering that the story on its own is sensational without the need for that pause on the movie set before the phone call or that airstrip chase; neither of which happened and I think as suspenseful as they may have wanted it to be, spoiler alert to the audience, they get the fuck out of Iran. No matter what though, I am glad the story has been told at least and hopefully it'll encourage a few viewers to check out the factual Canadian Caper information who would have probably never heard of it prior to this.

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Oh, I agree. That represents several of the nails people are putting in the USPS. There's so much more too though. Antiquated infrastructure, that was out of date in the mid-2000's already when they both had more mail volume and profitability, is another huge issue. I didn't mean to put the sole blame on the stalemate between unions and management. It's just one of many large issues.

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From what I'd read years back, the Canadian government took HUGE risks along the way. They were aware of the fake movie venture and provided real authentic (false) passports for the Americans who were rescued. This was not only illegal according to their own law, but also would have had enormous consequences in international circles of the rescue mission failed. That, along with their support of the Canadian ambassador to hold these people for months, weren't highlighted as much in the film as much as they could have. Maybe there would have been room if they took out that shitty chase scene at the end.//

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I apparently respond to it really well - Goody Two Shoes is my alarm mp3 at least a few days a week if not more. It makes me literally jump out of bed in the morning no matter how early.

Would you say Lykke Li uses said beat?

[youtube -TTPGAy5H_E youtube]

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"Do You Wanna Hold Me" is my second favorite by them. "I Want Candy" isn't anything too daring as far as a song but the beat still makes me shake it whether I want to or not.

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I've said it before, I'll say it again: I'd like a bowl, please.

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I worked summers @ the USPS during that summer of 07 (my last one). Changing the design to a slight variant of the same thing (flag & Statue of Liberty) was one of the most confusing and idiotic moves from the USPS. We had so many customers complain and those were just on the street while I was delivering...I can't imagine how many called/wrote in. I agree though - I don't mind combining some of my old stamps that I find every now and then in a move and overpaying. It's a great service, I just wish unions and management could end their stalemate before they both destroy it from within...neither side if giving any ground and I worry about the longevity. It will have a reduced role in our lives (as it already has - I literally mail two things a month and that's just bc they don't do automatic payments) but there is demand for it and I've read a few articles how it keeps private delivery companies from overcharging for their services though I think that's difficult to predict what would exactly happen should the USPS go bankrupt/private.

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I'm proud to say that I'm at least old enough to still remember music videos being played on MTV instead of all of the shit they put out now.