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We will definitely feel the shift in energy in the office without you JJ. We will miss you and wish you so much love and joy with your family. It has been my absolute honour to work with you. Thank you for including us in your journey.

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California Dreaming? No, this time for real. We are headed West and can't think of a better person to lead the charge. Congrats April and Schipul!

Love seeing the growth and opportunities for all of our clients. Hard work ahead, but that is how I know this is a great move. We have plenty of experience at working hard and plan to bring the game to Sunnyvale. Go Buffy! uh... I mean April. :)

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Way to get on with the Cheer! But, this may require a Walk-Off!

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And.... that is only one of a gazillion reasons why I love working at Schipul. Thanks Ben!

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I don't think Amelia ever decided on doing something based solely on if it would benefit her publicity or stature. I think she did things because she wanted to and to prove to herself she could. In that, I absolutely think you follow in her adventurous footsteps. Go Katie!

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Wonderful post Radames. This made me slow down for a moment. One of those wonderful moments when I can take the time to appreciate those things in life I have been so fortunate to receive. A loving family has been an amazing gift that I never seem to outgrow. Thank you.

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Early in my interview process at Schipul, someone commented "you might just be crazy enough to work here." Yeah. That happened.

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Google has just made it easier for Webmasters to report sites engaged in Linkspam.

Matt Cutts is never shy, and just posted a strong article on why and how they are trying to manage the proliferation of linkspam for better valuing of sites.

Good post and apparently very timely since you were one day ahead of Matt!