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jQuery -

Backbone.js -

Bootstrap -

Drupal -

Rails -

Wordpress -

Django -

Node.js -

All of the above open-source projects have lots of people contributing code they should be proud of. All are tools I've installed, played with, and maybe even built something with. None have initials next to their comments. A few have names in copyright statements at the top, but that's about it.

The closest I found was isaacs comment on node.js at He adds his username at the end, but the comment is more a plea for help, starting "XXX Fix this terrible hack!". If anything, I think he's putting his initials next to something he's embarrassed about. Quite the opposite of pride.

I've written good code and bad, but what I'm most proud of is my graph at Aside from an obvious winter vacation dip, everything is up and to the right.

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I got down to 1 friend. Is that low enough?

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So cool. I had no idea something like this would be waterproof without a big hassle.

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I love me some Audible. I've been a member for almost 3 years now and I listen to books on my drive to work. If you go the route of credits, you can get some great bang for your buck. Right now I'm listening to Atlas Shrugged (64 hours) and it was only a single credit.

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Great roundup Chris! I have a couple of Flip MinoHD's and I love them. I think Flip even makes a 2-hour and 4-hour version of their cameras, though the price on them starts to go up quite a bit ($229, $279). And I love B&H too. Their catalog is one of the few that I still look forward to receiving.

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Great point Dan. It is an opportunity to connect. There are literally hundreds of "opportunities to connect" everyday with new and interesting people online (forums, social networks, blog comments) and in real life (organizations, meetups, bars). We each weigh the values of these opportunities and choose the ones we feel might bring us the best value for our time. In my case, I think other opportunities are much more valuable than Facebook. On Facebook, while you can connect, it seems more and more that people spend time just browsing and playing games rather than taking part in conversations.

I'm not in search of a large quantity of connections (that's easy). I'm looking for the high quality ones, and Facebook doesn't make that list.

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I used Facebook before anything else, but I was on FB in 2004. As I became more familiar with the web, I gradually relied on Facebook less and less. The culmination of all of their "features" I didn't like and the trouble they have had making changes has pushed me off of it.

I agree that part of the privacy issue falls on the users and them not realizing what is public (see Openbook). But part of that responsibility is on Facebook to say very explicitly "Hey, the whole world can see this status/photo/comment. Are you OK with that?" I think the lack of understanding on both sides of the fence is a big problem.

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I'm really pumped to hear Courtney's recap of the Sex Ed panel.

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Bob probably won't have the same luck, but I bet the same scenario will happen to someone else. If you do something worth hyping once and capitalize on that spotlight, you will be set for some time.

The other great thing about hype is that it comes back again and again. If Sanders played in the Super Bowl and get an INT or a few key tackles, he could easily command the same salary demands in Indy or elsewhere. I doubt that will happen, but if it did, it would be hyped.

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Thanks JR and Coffee Groundz for doing what you do!